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03 April 2008

Verre Taal - Database of Chinese Literature in Dutch Translation


03 Apr 2008

Verre Taal - Database of Chinese Literature in Dutch Translation

Department of Chinese Studies and the Sinological Library at Leiden University, Leiden, The Netherlands

Supplied note:
"Dear colleagues, We are pleased to announce the launch of VerreTaal, an online database of Chinese Literature in Dutch Translation:
VerreTaal is a collaboration between the Department of Chinese Studies and the Sinological Library at Leiden University and the Research Centre for Translation at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Using English as the interface language, VerreTaal aims to provide a research tool for translation studies, (comparative) literary studies, (inter)cultural studies and area studies, Chinese studies and other academic fields -- and for the general reader and library user.
The database lists Dutch-language, direct and relay translations of works originally written in Chinese. At present it includes book titles in poetry, fiction and non-fiction, and drama. Entries in multiple-author anthologies contain individual author names, story / essay titles and corresponding page numbers where available. In the near future, we hope to expand the database to include journal publications.

VerreTaal can be browsed by authors, translators, titles and subjects, or searched using traditional and simplified Chinese and Hanyu Pinyin. It has been tested on various platforms and browsers and is accessible free of charge at [the URL below].

With kind regards, Audrey Heijns, Research Centre for Translation, Chinese University of Hong Kong; Hanno Lecher, Librarian, Sinological Library, Leiden University; Maghiel van Crevel, Professor of Chinese language & literature, Leiden University. - hl"

Site contents:
* Search (All Fields, Personal Names, Titles, Date of Publication, Journal Titles, Publisher); * Advanced Search; * Browse (Authors, Translators/Editors, Titles (Dutch), Titles (Chinese), Subjects); * Contribute (Contribute an entry).

URL http://www.unileiden.net/verretaal/

Internet Archive (web.archive.org) [the site was not archived at the time of this abstract]

Link reported by: Hanno Lecher (h.e.lecher--at--let.leidenuniv.nl), forwarded by h-asia--at--h-net.msu.edu

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