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09 September 2008

Indonesia independent - Photographs 1947-1953


09 Sep 2008

Netherlands Museum for Photography, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

"It is more than fifty years ago that Sukarno and Hatta, the Indonesian leaders at that time, proclaimed the Republic of Indonesia. Their declaration was followed by an exhausting political and military struggle that went on for four years. Only under great international pressure did the Netherlands transfer sovereignty on 27 December 1949.
In January and February 1947, the photographers and friends Cas Oorthuys and Charles Breijer both travelled to Indonesia independently and captured various stages of the decolonisation process. Oorthuys returned to the Netherlands by the end of March, while Breijer stayed on until 1953, the last three years as a filmmaker for the Indonesian Ministry of Information. Lex de Herder was sent to Indonesia as a conscript at the beginning of 1949, where he worked first as a radio announcer and later as a photographer. The collection contains more than 4500 photographs and album pages by these photographers. The Nederlands fotomuseum (Netherlands Museum for Photography) aims at making Dutch photography and its history easily accessible and at furthering people's interest in this cultural heritage."

Site contents:
* Intro; * Batavia becomes Jakarta; * Cas Oorthuys, Charles Breijer and Lex de Herder; * The photo collection; * The Digital Collection; * External links; * Bibliography and endnotes; * Colophon; * Search in collection; * Browse collection (by location, by keyword).

URL http://www.geheugenvannederland.nl/?/en/collecties/indonesie_onafhankelijk_-_fotos_1947-1953

Internet Archive (web.archive.org) [the site was not archived at the time of this abstract]

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