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19 August 2008

Pacific Economic Survey 2008


19 Aug 2008

AusAID, Canberra, Australia.

"Pacific Economic Survey 2008 is the first of a series of annual surveys that will provide an overview and update of economic developments in the Pacific island region and Timor-Leste. Each Survey will also include separate chapters on particular issues of importance to the region. This year's Survey examines the challenges of better connecting the Pacific through impoved telecommunication, aviation and shipping services.

Pacific Economic Survey 2008 covers the 14 Pacific island members of the Pacific Islands Forum and Timor-Leste. Timor-Leste is included because it shares many of the development challenges of the Pacific island nations and because of its close proximity. The Survey was guided by a regional steering group of leading regional figures from the Pacific and senior AusAID staff. The principal authors of the Survey were AusAID Chief Economist Dr Stephen Howes and AusAID economic adviser, Matthew Morris, who drew on expertise from the region and around the world."

Site contents:
* Growth Update (Ch. 1 - Pacific Growth Performance, Ch. 2 - Structural Reforms and Sectoral Developments, Background Paper - Pacific Performance and Outlook); * Telecommunications (Ch. 3 - Connecting the Pacific, Ch. 4 - Telecommunications, Background Paper - Telecommunications in the Pacific); * Aviation (Ch. 5 - Aviation, Background Paper - Aviation in the Pacific); * Shipping (Ch. 6 - Shipping); * About the Survey; * Photo Gallery (Mobile Phones, Internet, Aviation, Shipping, Roads, Tourism, Fishing, Mining, Ports, Oil, Employment, Population Growth, Health, Climate Change, Agricultural Exports, Forestry); * Contact.

URL http://www.pacificsurvey.org/site/index.php

Internet Archive (web.archive.org) [the site was not archived at the time of this abstract]

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