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20 June 2008

China National Knowledge Infrastructure (CNKI)


20 Jun 2008

Tsinghua Tongfang Knowledge Network Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing, China.

"China National Knowledge Infrastructure is a key national e-publishing project of China started in 1996. Approved by the Press and Publications Administration of PRC and backed by Tsinghua University, CNKI project started with a e-journal product and later further expand the product line to cover newspapers, dissertations, proceedings, yearbooks and reference works and etc. CNKI is a symbol of Chinese e-publishing industry, which greatly boosted the Chinese library systems to go digital and helped researchers with their work. So far CNKI academic databases have been serving more than 5,500 universities, public and corporate libraries, hospitals and other institutions inside and outside China."

Site contents:
* About CNKI (Introduction, History, Products, Awards, Mission, Overview); * About Us [about Tsinghua Tongfang Knowledge Network Technology Group];

* Products:
# China Academic Journals Full-text Database (CAJ) [8,460 titles from 1994 onward],
# China Citation Database (CCD) [5 million cited references],
# China Core Newspapers Full-text Database (CCND) [8 million articles from 700 central and local newspapers from 2000 onward],
# China Doctor/Master Dissertation Full-text Database (CDMD) [84,000 doctoral dissertations and 490,000 master dissertations from 1999 onward],
# Century Journals Project Full-text Database (CJP) [6 million articles from 3,901 academic journals since 1915 up till 1993],
# China Proceedings of Conference Full-text Database (CPCD) [938,000 conference papers from 1999 onward],
# China Reference Works Online (CRWO) [8 million entries, 700,000 images from over 1,500 dictionaries, thesauruses, cyclopedias, atlases, illustrated handbooks, and chronicles from 1990 onward],
# China Yearbook Full-text Database (CYFD) [6.1 million entries about 8,000 volumes of 1,582 titles of world, national and provincial-level yearbooks, industry yearbooks, subject yearbooks, school yearbooks, enterprise yearbooks and statistical yearbooks from 1912 onward];

* Help (FAQ, User's Guide - English, User's Guide -Traditional Chinese, CNKI'S Endnote filters, Download - CAJ Viewer, Download - Simplified Chinese Font Pack); * Register for free trial access [for 30 days - ed.] to CNKI Databases; * Contact Us.

[A bi-ligual (CN-simplified, CN-traditional, EN) site. The databases have an English language interface. No access to the information system from Mac computers or SUN workstations - ed.]

URL http://www.global.cnki.net/grid20/index.htm

Internet Archive http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://www.global.cnki.net/grid20/index.htm

Link reported by: Darrell Dorrington (darrell.dorrington--at--anu.edu.au),
forwarded by asia_news--at--anu.edu.au

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