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13 June 2008

Tales of Old Shanghai: "China Journal" 1936-1941


13 Jun 2008

Tales of Old China, China Economic Review, Shanghai, PRC

Self-description [in 1926]: "China Journal. Editor: Arthur de Carle Sowerby F.Z.S. and John C. Ferguson, Ph.D. Manager: Clarice S. Moise B.A., Offices: 20 Museum Road, Shanghai, China., Telegraphic address: Jouchina, Shanghai. Telephone: 13247."

Site contents [nine selected issues are now available in digital format]:

* China Journal (vol. IV, 1), Jan 1926 (1925 and 1926, Dr. Giles At 80, Early Chinese Bronze Mirrors, The Shih Ching or Book of Poetry, The Old Man's Lament, Modern Chinese Scholarship, Elizabeth Keith's Work, The Late Dr. Cox's Collection of Chinese Painting, Christian Missions and Oriental Civilizations, Travel and Exploration Notes, Two New Trees From Chekiang, A List of Some Chinese Leeches, The Vertical Cleavage of Loess);
* China Journal (vol. XVI, 4), Apr 1932 (Events and Comments, Reviews, Engineering, Industrial & Commercial Notes, Ghastly Crime in the Manchurian Forest, Hunting and Fishing Notes, The Kennel, The Garden, Advertisements);
* China Journal (vol. XXI, 3), Sep 1934 (Back To Confucius, The Panchen Lama, Correspondence, Engineering, The Garden, Advertisements);
* China Journal (vol. XXI, 6), Dec 1934 (Peace or War, Events and Comments, Chinese Hawkers, Art, Shooting and Fishing Notes, The Garden, Advertising);
* China Journal (vol. XXIV, 5), May 1936 (Events and Comments, The Kennel, The Garden, Advertisements);
* China Journal (vol. XXVII, 3), Sep 1937 (War in Shanghai, The Future of Shanghai, Japan's Case Agalnst China, Reminiscences of An Old-Timer in War-Torn Shanghai, The Library, Travel and Exploration Notes, Industrial,Commerciel and Financial Notes, Scientific Notes and Reviews, The Kennel, Advertisements);
* China Journal (vol. XXVII, 4), Oct 1937 (Events and Comments, The Fly Menace in Shanghai, Cholera Epidemic in Shanghai and Hong Kong, Su-lin the Panda, Advertisements);
* China Journal (vol. XXIX, 2), Aug 1938 (Events and Comments, Obituary - Robert William Swallow, Shanghai Directory Published, Ms Harkness Returns Minus Panda, The Disposal of Shanghai's Waste Products, Miss Yang Delivers Flag, The Garden, Advertisements);
* China Journal (vol. XXXIV, 5), May 1941 (Events and Comments, Scientific Notes and Reviews, Shooting and Fishing Notes).

[A full-text, free access to selected issues of a 60 years old periodical now republished in electronic format by the "Tales of Old China" (http://www.talesofoldchina.com/) - ed.]

URL http://www.talesofoldchina.com/journal/index.php

Internet Archive http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://www.talesofoldchina.com

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