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17 June 2008

Institute of Oriental Culture (IOC), Tokyo


17 Jun 2008

The University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan.

"The mission of the Institute of Oriental Culture is to conduct research on Asia through a synthesis of our broad expertise in the humanities and social sciences. The region covered by our studies extends from East Asia to the Middle East, which we consider naturally to include Egypt and North Africa. Unlike studies bound by government and political issues, ours do not have specific jurisdictional borders determined by a map. We study the world with a focus on Asia."

Site contents:
* Introduction; * Events (Latest News, Calendar, Search); * Staff; * Access; * Links [under construction];
* Research Projects A: Programs for Asian Studies for the 21st Century (De-colonization and Restructuring of Traditional Industries in Asia, Cross-disciplinary Study in Perceptions and Theories of Happiness, Construction of Asian Beauty, Working Towards Multidirectional Usage for the Electronic Library of Asian Books) B: Deptal and Individual Research Themes (Dept of Pan Asian Studies, Dept of East Asian Studies, Dept of South Asian Studies Dept of West Asian Studies) C: Regular Research Projects, D: Research Projects Sponsored by the Japanese Government and Various Grants (Sponsored by the Japanese Government, Other Grants and Fellowships); * Researchers; * Home Pages of Laboratories; * Publications;

* Databases (IOC Catalogue of Classical and Modern Chinese Books, Chinese Rare Books, Korean Genealogy Collection [552 Korean genealogies in around 3,000 volumes - ed.], Materials Related to the Edo and Ming Periods and the Studies in Japan of Ancient China, Journal Articles on Modern Chinese Literature, Catalogue of Chinese Magazines Belonging to the Institute, Books and Magazines on Modern Korea, Digital Archive Project for Chinese Painting, South Asian Documentary Materials, E-Dic Tibetan-Sanskrit search to the Saddharmapu.n.dariika, Islamic Monuments in India [photographs and site plans from: Agra, Ahmadabad, Ajmer, Allahabad, Aurangabad, Bidar, Bijapur, Daulatabad, Delhi, Dhar, Fathepursikri, Gaur, Golconda, Gulbarga, Hyderabad, Jaunpur, Mandu, Pandua, Sasaram, Varanasi - ed.]. , IOS Library collection of Thai books, 'Islam Jiten' Encyclopaedia of Islam Database, The New Edition of Geographical Description of Egypt, Parliamentary Records in Monarchical Egypt, Daiber [Arabic manuscripts] Collection Database, Japan and the World Database);

* Past seminars & events; * RICAS Research Information Center for Asian Studies (RICAS); * (Gateway to Asian Studies in Japan (ASJ); * Asian Studies Network (ASNET); * Asia Barometer [the largest ever, comparative survey in Asia, covering East, Southeast, South and Central Asia - ed.] (Profile, Surveys [2003-2006], Data, Findings, Publications, Symposia, Network); * International Journal of Asian Studies (Editors and Editorial Board, Submission of Articles, TOCS of Vol.1 No.1 Jan 2004, Vol.1 No.2 Jul 2004, Vol.2 No.1 Jan 2005, Vol.2 No.2 Jul 2005, Vol.3 No.1 Jan 2006, Vol.3 No.2 Jul 2006).

[A tri-lingual (JP, CN, EN) site - ed.]

URL http://www.ioc.u-tokyo.ac.jp/eng/front.shtml

Internet Archive http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://www.ioc.u-tokyo.ac.jp/eng/front.shtml

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