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16 June 2008



16 Jun 2008

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Self-description: "Tibet Blogs displays blog updates from tibetan bloggers and serves as an online directory for tibet related weblogs. If you run a blog site, feel free to Add Your Blog to our directory."

Site contents:
* Recently Updated Blogs [Jun 14/15th 2008] (Jun 15 - False Flag Fenqing: Menace or Myth? - Angry Chinese Blogger, Jun 15 - Do they protest too much? - RFA Unplugged, Jun 15 - Video: Man Claims to Be Spy during Flushing March - Boycott 2008 Games, Jun 15 - Religion - Refuge of the Weak and Powerless? - Thoughts From The Hat, Jun 15 - Biography of Marcher: Shingza Rinpoche - Tibet Will Be Free, Jun 15 - Biography of Marcher: Shingza Rinpoche - Tibetan Uprising, Jun 14 - Recycle To Raise Awareness on World Refugee Day - Precious Metal, Jun 14 - China human rights website founder kidnapped by police in earthquake capital city - China View, Jun 14 - [blank headline] - Grupo de Apoio ao Tibete, Jun 14 - Best Online Dharma Videos - Lotsawa House, Jun 14 - Gordon Brown must meet the Dalai Lama at Downing Street - SFT UK - From London to Lhasa, Jun 14 - Small Protests Met With Big Force - Agam's Gecko, Jun 14 - Lufer fr Team Tibet gesucht! - Tibet News in German);

* Current Headlines [Jun14-15th 2008, News powered by Phayul.com]
(China clampdown for Olympic torch in Xinjiang: residents, exiles; Nepal police break up Tibet protests, 182 held; Evans gears up for a free Tibet tour; Tibetan exiles protest outside UN office in Kathmandu);

* Blog Directory
(Human Rights Watch; Tibetan Studies Resources; Tibet Sites Blog; Boycott 2008; The Soul of Tibet; Tibet Toons; Life on The Tibetan Plateau; Sft Canada; Mark Winwood; Tibetan Bridges; The Secret Tibet; Tibetan Altar; Tibet Mirrow; SFT France; Voice of Ambition; Tibetan Technology; SFT Madison; Global-drokpa; Tibeto-logic; Tibet Will Be Free; Travels in Tibet; Jigtenmig; Tibet Talk; Yingsel2008; Dalai Lama Blog; Tashiling Potala Fc; Good Speaks in a Whisper; Early Tibet; Nyamrup; Buddhist Studies Weblog; Beijing Wide Open; The Tibet Connection; China Spy; Tibetan Vanguard; Lotsawa House; Jonangpa; Tibetspace; Echoes in Exile; Voice For Tibet; SFT , Delhi; Yale Free Tibet Society; Die 4 Tibet; RFAUnplugged; China View; The Interdependent; Precious Metal; Free Tibet; Windhorse Blog; Tshering's Blog; Friends of Tibet; Global Voices; Agam's Gecko; Free Tibet Campaign; Tibetan Uprising; Campaign Tibet; Tricycle Editor's Blog; Essential Spirit; Paradise Now; Boycott 2008 Games; Boycott Beijing 08; Angry Chinese Blogger; SFT UK - From London To Lhasa; Crafted Resistance; B B Chi; Tibet Information Office - Australia; Meyul: in Exile; Human Rights Torch Relay; Kadfly; Chinese Occupation of Tibet; Jamyang Norbu; Tibet News in German; Thoughts From The Hat; Kuala Lumpur For a Free Tibet; Yak Butter Tea; American Buddhist Net; Tsering Woeser's Blog; Aqua's Dreamscapes; Tibettruth's Podcast; Bob Thurman Podcast; Grupo De Apoio Ao Tibete; Molaganji);

* Forums; * Events; * About Tibet (Marginalisation and exclusion, Religion and culture, Political repression, Environment); * Shop.

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