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19 June 2008

Nepal Study Center (NCS)


19 Jun 2008

University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM, US.

"The objective of the Nepal Study Center at the University of New Mexico is to provide a platform to bring together scholars from North Americ and the countries in the Himalayan region and elsewhere to share knowledge on policy research issues affecting the Himalayan region and the countries in South Asia. The Center takes a broader focus with an interest on development, health, natural resources, sustainability, empowerment, conflict and the environment. ."

Site contents:
* Objectives; * Research (Consequences of conflict, Poverty mapping, Infrastructure and its effect on landuse pattern, Ecological footprints, Poverty and environmental degradation, Habitat modeling, Remittances, Th Bagmati River conservation, Health inequality mapping, Food security); * Graduate Studies; * Visiting Fellows;
* NSC Working Papers (2005 - Investigating the Impact of Social Networks on Household Forest Conservation Effort in Rural Nepal - Nepal, Mani; Bohara, Alok K.; Berrens, Robert P.; 2005 - Opportunity, Democracy and Political Violence: A Sub-national Analysis of Conflict in Nepal - Bohara, Alok K.; Mitchell, Neil J.; Nepal, Mani; 2007 - ÒRetainerÓ Bureaucracy: An Impediment to the Process of Democratic Governance in Nepal - Pyakuryal, Sucheta; 2007 - A Community Based Micro Hydro: A Promising Technology for Rural Development in Nepal - Koirala, Bishwa; 2007 - An Assessment of the Causes of Conflict in Nepal - Tiwari, Bishwa Nath; 2007 - Community based integrated natural resource management: Policy options and areas of intervention - Thapa, Sabita; Soussan, John; Pant, Dhruba; Parajuli, Umesh Nath; Sharma, Khem Raj; Bhatta, Binod; 2007 - Coping with Unreliable Water Supplies and Willingness to Pay for Improved Water Supplies in Kathmandu, Nepal - Katuwal, Hari; Bohara, Alok; 2007 - Domestic Health Hazard and Indoor Air-Pollution: An Approach to Find Alternative Energy Source for Rural Bangladesh to Minimize the Threat - Ahsan, Reazul S. M.; Afrin, Jinia; 2007 - Economic Inequality in the 'Democratic' Nepal: Dimensions and Implications - Wagle, Udaya R; 2007 - Effects of Deforestation on Tree Diversity and Livelihoods of Local Community A Case Study from Nepal - Karkee, Krishna; 2007 - Identification of natural resources at watershed level: an initial step of mainstreaming of the Federal restructure in Nepal - Koirala, Madan; 2007 - Inequality, Polarization and Violent Conflict: The Maoist Insurgency in Nepal - Nepal, Mani; Bohara, Alok K.; Gawande, Kishore; 2007 - People's Perceptions of Green Space Park in Pokhara, Nepal - Suvedi, Murari; Shrestha, Krishna; Parajuli, Bishwo Kallyan; Giri, Padam; 2007 - Political Participation and Civic Literacy in Bajung: An Empirical Study with Correlation Analysis - K.C., Khadga; 2007 - Political predictions in Nepal - Shrestha, Aditya Man; 2007 - Prioritizing and Estimating Hydropower Project Construction Risks: A Case Study of Nyadi Hydropower Project - Panthi, Kamalesh; 2007 - Pursuing Democracy: Explaining Political Transitions in Nepal - Adhikari, Prakash; Timberlake, James D.; 2007 - Recruiting Rebels: Indoctrination and Political Education in Nepal - Eck, Kristine; 2007 - Rural Vulnerability and Tea Plantation Migration in Eastern Nepal and Darjeeling - Besky, Sarah; 2007 - The Effect of Remittances on Child Labor and Child Education in Nepal - Milligan, Michael; Bohara, Alok; 2007 - The Human Dimensions of Land Change in Lamjung of Nepal - Shrestha, Milan; 2007 - Trade Potentility and Ecological Analysis of NTFPs in Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal - Poudel, Krishna Lal);
* LDN Online Forum; * Collaboration;
* Journals (Himalayan Journal of Development and Democracy (HJDD) [ISSN 1940-2821] Vol. 1, No. 1, 2006 - Vol. 2, No. 2, 2007; Liberal Democracy Nepal Bulletin (LDNB) [ISSN 1940-283X] Vol. 1, No. 1, 2005 - Vol. 2, No. 2, 2007);
* Seminars; * Friends of NSC; * Giving; * Announcements; * Feedback;
* Links (Nepal at a Glance, Research and Publications, Economics Links, Academic Institutions & Centers in Nepal, Building Gobal Villages: People Helping People); * Photo Gallery; * Join NSC Mailing List.

URL http://nepalstudycenter.unm.edu/

Internet Archive http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://nepalstudycenter.unm.edu/

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