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06 August 2008

East Asian Bureau of Economic Research (EABER)


06 Aug 2008

www.eaber.org, Canberra, Australia

"The East Asian Bureau of Economic Research is a forum for high-quality economic research focussing on issues facing the economies of East Asia. It comprises representatives from Japan, China, South Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia and Australia. The rapid development of the East Asian economies, the growth of intra-regional trade, financial and other economic interaction, and East Asia's new role in the global economy all underline the need for access to a vastly increased range of quality economic analysis on East Asia. [...]

EABER [is] Supported By Ministry of Finance, Japan; AusAID; [and the ANU's] Crawford School of Economics and Government. [...]

The East Asian Bureau of Economic Research involves co-operation among key research institutes in Asia, including: The Crawford School of Economics and Government, Australian National University, Australia, The Economic Institute of Cambodia, Cambodia, The China Center for Economic Research, Peking University, China, The Department of Economics and Finance, City University of Hong Kong, China, The Centre for Strategic and International Studies, Indonesia, The SMERU Research Institute, Indonesia, The Policy Research Institute, Ministry of Finance, Japan, The Malaysian Institute for Economic Research, Malaysia, The Philippines Institute for Development Studies, the Philippines, The Wee Kim Wee Centre, Singapore Management University, Singapore, Singapore Centre for Applied and Policy Economics, Singapore, The Korean Institute for Economic Policy, South Korea, The Fiscal Policy Research Institute, Ministry of Finance, Thailand, The Central Institute for Economic Management, Ministry of Planning and Investment, Vietnam, The Energy Research Institute (ERI), National Development and Reform Commission, China, The Japan Institute of Energy Economics (IEE), Japan, The Korea Energy Economics Institute (KEEI), South Korea, The Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies, China Academy of Social Sciences (CASS), China, The Institute of World Economics and Politics (IWEP), China Academy of Social Sciences (CASS), China, The School of Finance, Renmin University of China, China, Australia-Japan Research Centre, Australian National University, Australia."

Site contents:
* About * Events * Projects (Advancing Economic Integration in South and East Asia, Institutional Strategies for Improving Micro Economic Policy Foundations, DPU-ANU Research Project, China East Asia Energy Project); * Journals * Bookstore * Macroeconomics * Microeconomics * Trade Labour * Development * Finance * Governance; * Search;

* EABER Newsletter (Aug 2008 Bruce Chapman and Peter Drysdale: Financing Higher Education in East Asia, Jul 2008 Ishrat Husain: Pakistan's Trade Liberalization Experience, Jun 2008 Robert Z Lawrence: Toward a More Effective WTO: the Role of Variable Geometry, May 2008 Shinji Takagi: The IMF and East Asia, Apr 2008 Will Martin, Kym Anderson and Cong S. Pham: Does the GATT/WTO Increase Trade in the Asia-Pacific Region?, Mar 2008 Kym Anderson and Ernesto Valenzuela: Where to for Agricultural Policies in East Asia?, Feb 2008 Christopher Findlay: What Business Wants from Regional Cooperation, Jan 2008 Denis Hew: Blueprint for an ASEAN Economic Community, Dec 2007 Guonan Ma: The Asian Bond Fund Initiatives and Reform through Learning by Doing, Nov 2007 Stephen Grenville: IMF Reform: A Lack-of-Progress Report, Oct 2007 Vo Tri Thanh: Institutions and Private Sector Development in Vietnam, Sept 2007 Peter Drysdale: APEC, East Asia and Reinventing America's Trans-Pacific Relations?, Aug 2007 Mohamed Ariff: Malaysia: Ten Years After the Crisis, Jul 2007 Yu Yongding: China and Asian Regionalism Ten Years After the Crisis, Jun 2007 Shujiro Urata: Japan's New Foreign Economic Policy: A More Strategic and Activist Model?, May 2007 Fan He: Challenges of China's Economic Reform, April 2007 Shiro Armstrong: Politics and the Japan-China Economic Relationship, Mar 2007 Shandre Thangavelu: Southeast Asia's Post-Crisis FDI Performance, Feb 2007 Yiping Huang: The Asian Consensus and Regional Exchange Rate Policies, Dec 2006 Philippa Dee: Institutions for enhancing economic policy performance, Nov 2006 Andrew Sheng: The Asian Way to Integration, Oct 2006 Hadi Soesastro: Finally, a Charter for ASEAN, Sept 2006, Aug 2006, Jul 2006, Jun 2006, May 2006, Apr 2006, Mar 2006).

URL http://www.eaber.org/intranet/main/eaber_home.php

Internet Archive http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://www.eaber.org/intranet/main/eaber_home.php

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