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20 June 2008

Center for Asian Democracy (CAD)


20 Jun 2008

Political Science Department, University of Louisville, Louisville, KY, US

"The mission of the Center for Asian Democracy, established in 2006, is to promote research and teaching about democracy and the prospects for democratization in Central, South, Southeast and East Asia. Through publications, conferences, workshops, visiting scholars programs, colloquia, and research projects in Asian countries, the Center creates a forum for studying political dynamics in this vital region."

Site contents:
* Speaker Series;
* Conferences (2009 Symposium: China's Rise and Its Impact on Asia, 2008 Islamic Workshop [March 13-14, 2008] with papers in PDF format: Rafis Abazov - "Everyday Islam in Electoral Process In Central Asia", Moataz A. Fattah - "Islam and Democracy: An Examination of Muslims' Political Culture", Mark Gould - "The Sovereignty of God: Constitutional Processes in Islam and Christianity", Felix Heiduk - "Islamism and Democratization in Indonesia", Touqir Hussain - "Islam in Pakistan", Tariq Karim - "Bangladesh: new front-line state in the struggle between aspiring pluralist democracy and expanding political Islam", Omar Khalidi - "Muslims and Indian Democratic Experience", Muqtedar Khan - "Islamic Governance and the Democratic Processes", Ghulam Nadri - "Social tensions and communal relations in India: Muslim communities of Gujarat during the 17th and 18th centuries", Laure Paquette - "Islam and Democracy in Asia: What Can We Learn from Underdog Thinking", Morris Rossabi - "China and Central Asia: Developing Relations and their Impact on Democracy", David Straub - "Islam and the Development of a Democratic Society in Tajikistan", Bridget Welsh - "Contracting Political Space, Widening Political Participation: Islam and Democracy in Post 9/11 Malaysia", Brian Williams - "Tracking Al Qaeda and Taliban Suicide Bombers in Afghanistan: A Field Report on Taliban Radicalization", 2007 KY Asian Studies Association Meeting, 2007 Beijing Workshop, 2006 Korea Workshop, 2006 Conference on China);
* Asia in the Headlines [from the New York Times]; * Center News; * Photo Gallery; * Current Projects (Building Human Rights and Civil Society in Kazakhstan, Democracy from the Margin: China's Local Legislatures in Transition, Skills Development and Capacity Building: Vietnam and Laos) ; * Book Series; * Courses; * Faculty Affiliates; * Staff; * Related Links (Related University of Louisville Programs, Registered Student Organizations, Other Resources); * CAD Blog [http://www.asiandemocracy.blogspot.com/] est. 2006.;

URL http://louisville.edu/asiandemocracy/

Internet Archive http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://louisville.edu/asiandemocracy/

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