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23 October 2008

SETA Foundation for Political, Economic and Social Research


23 Oct 2008

SETA, Ankara, Turkey.

"[A] non-profit research institute dedicated to innovative studies on national, regional, and international issues. The objective of SETA is to produce up-to-date and accurate knowledge and analyses in the fields of politics, economy and society and to inform policy makers and the public on changing political, economic, social and cultural conditions. SETA evaluates national and international issues in an historical and cultural context. [...] SETA conducts research projects on current political, economic and social issues with a view towards providing policy recommendations. Adopting an interdisciplinary approach, SETA takes into account the growing interdependence of political, economic and socio-cultural issues at the national, regional and international levels and seeks to generate knowledge conducive to a social vision based peace, justice, equality, and the rule of law."

Site contents:
* About us; * SETA Researchers; * Contact us; * Op-Eds & Articles;
* Policy Briefs (# Turkish-Armenian Relations: Will Football Diplomacy Work? (2008), # Ahmedinejad's Visit to Turkey (2008), # Turkey Discovers Africa: Implications and Prospects (2008), # Joe Biden:A Realist Cold War Liberal (2008), # Saakashvili Pulled the Trigger: Turkey between Russia and Georgia (2008), # AK Party Survives Closure Case: What Is Next? (2008), # New Action Plan for Southeastern Turkey (2008), # Turkey and Northern Iraq on the Course of Raprochement (2008), # The Turkish Constitutional Court and Civil Liberties (2008), # Turkey between Syria and Israel: Turkey's Rising Soft Power (2008), # The AKP and the Kurdish Issue: What Went Wrong? (2008), # Constitutional Court and the Closure of Political Parties in Turkey (2008), # Turkish Policy toward Central Asia (2008), # Kosovo Independence: An Albanian Perspective (2008), # The AK Party Closure Case: Domestic Situation and International Reactions (2008), # Does Turkey Need a New Standby Agreement? (2008), # The Headscarf Ban: A Quest for Solutions (2008), # Iran's Nuclear Ambitions and Turkey (2008), # Turkey: Energy Status and Expectations (2008), # From Ankara to Annapolis: Turkey and the Middle East Peace Process (2007), # 2007 EU Progress Report on Turkey: A Step Forward? (2007), # The Strategic Benefits of Turkey's Admission Into East Asian Summit (2007), # Turkey's War on Terror (2007), # Turkey's Bid for the New Constitution (2007));; * Reports (# A Collective Initiative For Universal Peace, # The New Iraq, The Middle East and Turkey: A Turkish View (Apr 2006);
* Insight Turkey [a quarterly, TOCS of issues from 1999-2008]; * Projects (Distribution of Wealth and Global Inequality: Conference and Project, Higher Education in Turkey: A Comparative Study, A Study on the Problems of Cultural Identity and Integration among Turks); * Events; * SETA in News.

[A bi-lingual (TR, EN) site - ed.]

URL http://www.setav.org/lang%5Fen/

Internet Archive http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://www.setav.org/lang%5Fen/

Link reported by: T. Matthew Ciolek (tmciolek--at--coombs.anu.edu.au)

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