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08 December 2008

Institute of East Asian Studies IN-EAST


08 Dec 2008

University of Duisburg-Essen, Essen, Germany.

"The Institute of East Asian Studies IN-EAST [Institut fuer Ostasienwissenschaften - ed.], established in 1994, is a Research Center of the University of Duisburg-Essen, engaged in both research and graduate edudation on East Asia. With more than 25 scholars from different disciplines in the social and economic sciences, IN-EAST is the most comprehensive university institute committed to contemporary East Asian studies in Germany. Chinese and Japanese Studies are the main focus of the research program and graduate curriculum."

SIte contents:
* About us; * Study Programs; * Information for Students; * Research (several projects, including: # Korean foreign direct investment in Europe; # Gender and comparative institutional studies in embedded capitalism - the cases of Japan and Germany; # Expats or locals? On the choice of senior management in German subsidiaries in Japan; # General analysis of areas of competitiveness of EU industrial and service sectors vis-a-vis China; # Evaluation of the European Commission's co-operation and partnership with the People's Republic of China; # Industrienahe Forschungs- und Technologiepolitik der chinesischen Regierung; # VIP-NET Virtual working and learning in project-based networks; # Globalization, gender and work transformation; # Recent developments at KOPRA - International Internship Platform (www.kopra.org); # Intraregional and interregional economic relations in East Asia; # New mechanisms of economic policy in Japan; # Administrative reforms in Germany and China in comparison (2): decentralised policies, environment policy as a case study; # Innovation of local administration in China and Germany in comparison; # Theory and application of the concept of Strategic Groups - scope and limitations of a social science paradigma between structure and action; # Ethnic entrepreneurs between market behaviour and social morality. The impact of ethnic entrepreneurship on social change and ethnicity. A case study among the Yi in Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture in China; # Demographic ageing and shrinking in old industrial areas in Germany (Ruhr area, Emscher zone) and Japan (Northern Kyushu): challenges, adjustment strategies, and development options; # Public housing and urban development in Singapore - ethnic groups between residential segregation and residential integration; # Career formation and the development of vocational competencies in international comparison);
* Publications
(# Institute Report no. 1, 1993 - no. 15, 2008, # Green Series [Duisburg Working Papers on East Asian Studies, downloadable, in PDF format - ed.] (no. 1- no 76) [Titles of the last 10 working papers: 76 - Yu Keping - China's Governance Reform from 1978 to 2008; 75 - Thomas Heberer - Taskforce "Entwicklungspolitik in China: Herausforderungen, Loesungsstrategien und deutsch-chinesische Entwicklungszusammenarbeit"; 74 - Markus Taube - Oekonomische Entwicklung in der VR China - Nachholendes Wachstum im Zeichen der Globalisierung; 73 - Norifumi Kawai und Manja Jonas - Ownership Strategies in Post-Financial Crisis Southeast Asia: The Case of Japanese Firms; 72 - Werner Pascha, Cornelia Storz, Markus Taube (eds.) - Institutional Foundations of Innovation and Competitiveness in East Asia; 71 - Norifumi Kawai - Spatial Determinants of Japanese Manufacturing Firms in the Czech Republic; 70 - Werner Pascha und Cornelia Storz (eds.) - Workshop Institutionen in der Entwicklung Ostasiens I - Offenheit und Geschlossenheit asiatischer Wirtschaftssysteme; 69 - Christian Goebel - The Peasant's Rescue from the Cadre? An Institutional Analysis of China's Rural Tax and Fee Reform; 68 - Thomas Heberer - Institutional Change and Legitimacy via Urban Elections? People' Awareness of Elections and Participation in Urban Neighbourhoods (Shequ); 67 - Momoyo Huestebeck - Tanaka Makiko: Scharfzuengige Populistin oder populaere Reformerin?; 66 - Momoyo Huestebeck - Park Geun-hye: Als Praesidententochter zur ersten Staatspraesidentin Suedkoreas?; 65 - Werner Pascha und Cornelia Storz (eds.) - Workshop Organisation und Ordnung der japanischen Wirtschaft V - Themenschwerpunkt: Deutschlandjahr in Japan - Eine Zwischenbilanz; 64 - Christian Goebel und Thomas Heberer (eds.) - Task Force: Civil Societal Developments in China; 63 - Thorsten Nilges - Zunehmende Verschuldung durch Mikrokredite - Auswertung eines Experiments in Suedindien; 62 - Jun Imai - The Rise of Temporary Employment in Japan: Legalisation and Expansion of a Non- Regular Employment Form);
* Media; * News; * Contact; * Intranet / bscw; * Sitemap; * Search.

[A bi-lingual (DE, EN) site - ed.]

URL http://www.uni-due.de/in-east/index.php

Internet Archive (web.archive.org) [the site was not archive at the time of this abstract]

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