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26 January 2009

SOAS Bulletin of Burma Research (SBBR)


26 Jan 2009

The School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London, London, UK.

Supplied note:
"The SOAS Bulletin of Burma Research volume 6 is now up online at: [at the URL below]
All SBBR articles and documents [in PDF format]: are free for download to anyone, anywhere, immediately upon issue. The website above includes all past issues as well as the current volume. Current Articles include:
ARTICLES: * U Thaw Kaung, Palm-leaf Manuscript Record of a Mission Sent by the Myanmar King to the Chinese Emperor in the Mid-Eighteenth Century, p. 3 (4.3mb); * Donald M. Stadtner, The Golden Rock at Kyaik-hti-yo, p. 19 (4.1 mb); * Jon Fernquest, The Ecology of Burman-Mon warfare and the Pre-modern Agrarian State (1383-1425), p. 70 (6.3mb);
RESEARCH NOTES: * A Tigress on the Shwedagon! p. 119 (5mb);
BOOK REVIEWS (4.3mb): * Donald M. Seekins. Burma and Japan Since 1940: From Co-Prosperity to Quiet Dialogue. (Edmund Clipton), p. 120; * Emmanuel Guillon. Parlons Mon (Homeri Moun Co): Langue et Civilization. (Jon Fernquest), p. 122; * Mikael Gravers, ed. Exploring Ethnic Diversity in Burma. (William Womack), p. 127. - mc."

"The SOAS Bulletin of Burma Research was established in 2003 by founding editor Dr. Michael W. Charney for the purpose of making available to the broader academic community research, resources, reviews, and information critical for the study of Burma, also known as Myanmar. The bulletin is one of three such publications, alongside the Journal of Burma Studies (Northern Illinois University) [http://www.cseas.niu.edu/seap/burmastudies.htm - ed.] and Burma Watch (Macquarie University) [It is, in fact, 'Burma Economic Watch' (Macquarie University) http://www.econ.mq.edu.au/burma_economic_watch, as distinct from 'Burma Watch', an US blog at http://blog.nationmultimedia.com/BurmaWatch - ed.]. Bulletin articles and documents are posted online immediately on issue for free downloading to anyone, anywhere, with an interest in the society, culture, and history of one of Asia's most interesting countries."

Site contents:
Issues: * Vol. 1 number 1 (Spring 2003), number 2 (Autumn 2003); * Vol. 2 number 1 (Spring 2004), number 2 (Autumn 2004); * Bibliographic Supplement 1; * Vol. 3 number 1 (Spring 2005), number 2 (Autumn 2005); * Vol. 4 number 1 (Spring 2006), number 2 (Winter 2006); * Vol. 5 numbers 1&2 (2007); * Vol. 6 number 1&2 (Spring & winter 2008).

URL http://web.soas.ac.uk/burma/index.html

Internet Archive http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://web.soas.ac.uk/burma/index.html]

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