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20 January 2009

Advising the New [US] President on Asia Policy


20 Jan 2009

The National Bureau of Asian Research (NBR), Seattle, WA, US

Supplied note:
"'Advising the New President on Asia Policy: What does the incoming administration need to know about Asia?' Michael Green, T.J. Pempel, Nicholas Eberstadt, Robert Sutter, and 15 other editorial board members of NBR's journal, http://asiapolicy.nbr.org/board.html Asia Policy, offer their expert insights and recommendations on a wide array of topics and issues, including China, North Korea, Japan, Mongolia, economic nationalism, terrorism, energy, S&T, and human rights. Read the advance release of the [... Asia Policy, Number 7 (January 2009), 1-59 at the URL below]. This roundtable was made possible by the generous support of the Henry M. Jackson Foundation. - nbr."

Site contents:
* Get Asia Right - Michael Green;
* Unbungle East Asia - T.J. Pempel;
* Prepare to Deal with Discontinuities - Nicholas Eberstadt;
* Trust Our Resiliency - Robert Sutter;
* Build on Past Successes, Tackle Long-Term Challenges - Aaron L. Friedberg;
* Recognize New Realities - David Shambaugh;
* Promote Domestic Consensus to Enable Policy Continuity - Robert Ross;
* Maintain Stability - Mark N. Katz;
* Restrategize Policies on Nuclear Proliferation, Failing States, and Terrorism - Rajan Menon;
* Strengthen Science and Technology - Richard P. Suttmeier;
* Experiment with Change, Chinese-style - Lawrence C. Reardon;
* In Relations with China, Beware Economic Nationalism - Mark Frazier;
* Deepen Sino-American Cooperation on Energy - Steven W. Lewis;
* Incorporate Human Rights Concerns into China Policy - Barrett McCormick;
* Respond to China's Rise and Engage Taiwan - Vincent Wei-cheng Wang;
* Hit the Ground Running on Korea and Know Your Taiwan Talking Points - Andrew Scobell;
* Give a Little to Get a Lot from North Korea - David C. Kang;
* Raise the U.S. Profile in Southeast Asia - Sheldon W. Simon;
* Don't Forsake Mongolia - Alan M. Wachman.

URL http://www.nbr.org/AP7_B_SpecialRT_AdvisingPres.pdf

[A PDF document, 383 KB - ed.]

Internet Archive (web.archive.org) [the site was not archived at the time of this abstract]

Link reported by: NBR Publications (publications--at--nbr.org)

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