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09 January 2009

Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI)


09 Jan 2009

The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), Washington, DC, US

"The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) was founded in 1998 in Washington, DC to bridge the language gap between the Middle East and the West by monitoring, translating, and studying Arab, Iranian and Turkish media, schoolbooks, and religious sermons. MEMRI is headquartered in Washington, D.C. and has branches in Baghdad, Tokyo and Jerusalem, and a staff of over 70 working around the globe. MEMRI's research is translated into English, German, French, Italian, and Spanish with a subscriber list of over 75,000."

Site contents:
* Latest Reports (Jan 8 ANNOUNCEMENT# 89 - Exclusive MEMRI Viral Video Release For Free Download "Hamas: In Their Own Voices", Jan 8 SD# 2180 - The Current Crisis in Gaza and the Salafi-Jihadi Dilemma, Jan 8 SD# 2179 - In Open Letter to Barack Obama, the Chief of Tora Bora Battlefield In Afghanistan Warns: The Flames of this Fire will Blow Up on Washington, Jan 7 SD# 2178 - Hamas TV Blooper: Erotic Footage During Night Shift WARNING: Clip Contains Nudity, Jan 7 SD# 2177 - Hamas: The Tahdiah (Calm) Benefits Israel, Not the Palestinian People, Jan 6 IA# 490 - Recent Attempts to Form Strategic Regional Bloc: Syria, Turkey and Iran, Jan 6 SD# 2176 - Egyptian Cleric Safwat Higazi on Hamas TV: Dispatch Those Sons of Apes and Pigs to the Hellfire - On the Wings of Qassam Rockets, Jan 5 IA# 489 - Pakistan's Army Thwarts a Historic Opportunity for Peace in Baluchistan, Jan 5 SD# 2175 - Iranian Student Group: Hamas Is a Terrorist Group and Its Use of Civilians is Inhumane; Those Who Arm Hamas Have Innocent Blood on Their Hands; Ahmadinejad's Government Is Using Gaza Crisis to Settle Political Scores, Jan 5 SD# 2174 - Arab Media Attacks Egypt);

* Subjects (Jihad and Terrorism Studies, U.S. and the Middle East, Reform in the Arab and Muslim World, Arab-Israeli Conflict, Inter-Arab Relations, Economic Studies, Antisemitism Documentation Project, Islamist Websites Monitor Project, Urdu-Pashtu Media Project);
* Countries (Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, North Africa, Palestinian Authority, Persian Gulf, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey);
* Languages (Chinese, Deutsch, Espanol, Francais, Hebrew, Italiano, Japanese, Russian);
* Video;
* Subscribe;
* About Us;
* Archives (The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) produces original analysis based on Middle Eastern media and distributes them, free of charge, by fax and email. # Inquiry and Analysis [over 470 articles] [Last seven articles: Inquiry and Analysis - No. 490 - Jan 6, 2009 Recent Attempts to Form Strategic Regional Bloc: Syria, Turkey and Iran - by O. Winter, Inquiry and Analysis - No. 489 - Jan 5, 2009 Pakistan's Army Thwarts a Historic Opportunity for Peace in Baluchistan - by Tufail Ahmad, Inquiry and Analysis - No. 488 - Dec 26, 2008 Renewed Power Struggle in Iran as the Presidential Elections Approach: Part I - Ahmadinejad's Revolutionary-Messianic Faction vs. Rafsanjani?Reformist Alliance - by A. Savyon and Y. Mansharof, Inquiry and Analysis - No. 487 - Dec 22, 2008 Rising Inter-Arab Tensions: Saudi Arabia and Egypt versus Syria and Iran, Part III - Syria, Saudi Arabia Clash over Fath Al-Islam - by H. Varulkar, Inquiry and Analysis - No. 486 - Dec 22, 2008 Rising Inter-Arab Tensions: Saudi Arabia and Egypt versus Syria and Iran, Part II - Egypt Trades Accusations with Hamas, Syria, Iran - by L. Azuri, Inquiry and Analysis - No. 485 - Dec 22, 2008 Rising Inter-Arab Tensions: Saudi Arabia and Egypt versus Syria and Iran, Part I - Deepening Crisis in Saudi-Syrian Relations - by C. Jacob, Inquiry and Analysis - No. 484 - Dec 18, 2008 Language as a Tool in the Political-Religious Power Struggle between the Salafi-Jihadists and Their Opponents - by D. Nagy], # Special Dispatch [over 2120 articles], # Special Report [40 articles], # Special Alert [13 articles], # Daily Reports [0 articles]);
* Support MEMRI;
* Search;
* Widget ["a mini-webpage that can be downloaded to a user's desktop or placed into a blog or third party web site. The new MEMRI Widget is a convenient & multi-dimensional way of staying well informed about breaking news in the Middle East."];
* E-tributes;

* MEMRITV (video clips from: Al-Jazeera (Qatar), Al-Arabiya (Dubai), Al-Manar (Lebanon), Iqra (Saudi Arabia), IRINN (Iran), Iran Ch.1, Iran Ch.2, Al-Alam (Iran), Al-Majd (Saudi Arabia), Sahar (Iran), Saudi Ch.1, LBC (Lebanon), New (Lebanon), Syrian, Dream 2 (Egypt), Qatar, MBC, Palestinian Authority, Dubai, IRIB/Jaam-E-Jam1 (Iran), IRIB/Jaam-E-Jam2 (Iran), Al-Iraqiya (Iraq), The Internet, ANB (Lebanon), Al-Aqsa (Hamas TV), Al-Risala (Saudi Arabia/Kuwait), Al-Mamnou' (Jordan), Abu Dhabi, Al-Fayhaa (Iraq/UAE), Mihwar (Egypt), Future/Al-Mustaqbal (Lebanon), Egypt Channel 1, Al-Ekhbariya (Saudi Arabia), Iran Ch.3, Bahrain, Al-Kawthar (Iran), Nile Culture, Libya, Esfahan (Iran), Iran Ch.4, Al-Hurra (US), NBN (Lebanon), IRIB/Jaam-E-Jam3 (Iran), Jordanian, Heya (Lebanon), Al-Hayat (Europe), Al-Baghdadiya (Iraq), Al-Nas (Egypt), UAE, Ein (Saudi Arabia), Al-Rai (Kuwait), Peace (India/UAE), Al-Furat (Iraq), Kerman (Iran), Tanweer (Egypt), Al-Shariqa (UAE), Sudan, Yemen, Saudi Ch.2, Islam (UK), Tehran (Iran), Teleliban (Lebanon), Al-Mustaqila (London), ANN, Oman, Kuwait, Zagros (Taakhi), Salah Al-Din (Iraq), Anwar (Iraq), Noursat (Lebanon), Koran Channel (Iran), Khorasan (Iran), Bushehr (Iran), Al-Jazeera Children's Channel (Qatar), Al-Rafidein (Iraq/Egypt), Rotana Cinema (Saudi Arabia);
* The MEMRI Blog [http://www.thememriblog.org/];
* Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor (JTTM) [http://www.memrijttm.org/] (Alerts, Planning & Training, Global Jihad News, In Depth Threat Analysis, Jihadi Texts, Global Jihad - Opposition & Dissent);
* The MEMRI Iran Blog [http://www.thememriblog.org/iran];
* The MEMRI Urdu/Pashtu Blog [http://www.thememriblog.org/urdupashtu];
* The MEMRI Turkish Media Blog [http://www.thememriblog.org/turkey];
* The MEMRI Economic Blog [http://memrieconomicblog.org/] (Highlights-News of the Day, Intra-Eegional Issues, Investments, Mergers and Acquisitions, Oil and Gas Policy Statements, Islamic Banking, Labor Issues and Employment, Trade Issues, Banking and Finance, Countries);
* The MEMRI Arab Culture Blog [http://thememriblog.org/arabculture].

URL http://http://www.memri.org/

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