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19 December 2008

Asian Business and Economics Research Unit (ABERU)


19 Dec 2008

ABERU, Business and Economics, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia

"The Asian Business and Economics Research Unit (ABERU) is a broad faculty-based research unit encompassing all the Departments in the Faculty of Business and Economics: Accounting and Finance, Business Law and Taxation, Econometrics and Business Statistics, Economics, Management and Marketing. ABERU draws on the experience and expertise of its members to produce inter-disciplinary research covering China, East Asia and South Asia, researching the Asian economies from a business or economics perspective."

SIte contents:
* Search; * Research Projects (Business social protection in China, China's migrant labour shortage, Effects of intergroup contact on attitudes of Chinese migrant workers to urban locals, English language self-efficacy among Chinese market vendors: Impact on bargaining with international customers, Financial markets reform in Asia, Financial risk management, Foreign exchange exposure and competition in Taiwanese manufacturing, Globalization and labour mobility in China, Industrial organisation in Japan: Evidence from the manufacturing sector, The social and business implications of extending China 's social security system, Subjective quality of life and job satisfaction among Chinese urban and migrant workers, Tourism and travel in Asia, Urban affluent consumers in China - their adoption and usage of credit cards);
* Prato Conference 2008;
* South Asia Research Program (Staff Research Interests, Publications [bibliographical details only]);
* East Asia Research Program (Staff Research Interests, Publications [bibliographical details only]);
* China Research Program (Staff Research Interests, Publications [bibliographical details only]);
* Past Events;
* Discussion Papers (2004- 2008. [The 2008 full-text downloadable papers are: P51 (2008) Change and Restructuring in Chinese State-Owned Enterprises - Russell Smyth and Zhai Qingguo; P52 (2008) An Emerging Credit Reporting System in China - Guibin Zhang and Russell Smyth; P53 (2008) Computable General Equilibrium Estimates of the Impact of the Bali Bombing on the Indonesian Economy - Djauhari Pambudi, Nathalie McCaughey and Russell Smyth; P54 (2008) Islands in the Stream: Chinese Internet Points in Prato - Graeme Johanson and Tom Denison; P55 (2008) Environmental Attitudes and Subjective Well-Being in Urban China - Russell Smyth and Xiaolei Qian; P56 (2008) New Empirical Evidence on Capital Mobility in Two Southeast Asian Economies: Malaysia and Singapore - Goh Soo Khoon, Tuck Cheong Tang and Koong Seow Shin; P57 (2008) Determinants of Job Satisfaction Among Chinese Off Farm Migrants - Russell Smyth, Qingguo Zhai and Xiaoxu Li; P58 (2008); Private and Public Financing of Education and Regional Disparities in Education Inputs in Contemporary China - Xiaolei Qian and Russell Smyth; P59 (2008) Exchange Rate and Stock Price Interaction in Major Asian Markets: Evidence for Individual Countries and Panels Allowing for Sturctural Breaks - Hooi Hooi Lean, Paresh Narayan and Russell Smyth; P60 (2008) Educational Expenditure in Urban China: Income Effects, Family Characteristics and the Demand for Domestic and Overseas Education - Xiaolei Qian and Russell Smyth; P61 (2008) The Costs to Business of Providing Social Security in China - Russell Smyth; P62 (2008) Are International Visitor Arrivals to the Home of World Heritage (Cambodia) Sustainable? An Empirical Analysis - Tuck Cheong Tang and Koi Nyen Wong; P63 (2008) Aggregate Import Demand Function for Japan: A Cointegration Re-Investigation - Tuck Cheong Tang; P64 (2008) Domestic Saving and Economic Growth in China - Hooi Hooi Lean and Yingzhe Song; P65 (2008) Inequality and Happiness in Urban China - Russell Smyth and Joanne Xiaolei Qian; P66 (2008) The Savings and Investment Nexus: Evidence from Rolling Windows Bounds Test - Chor Foon Tang and Hooi Hooi Lean; P67 (2008) Making Indonesia More Attractive to Foreign Investors: A Computable General Equilibrium Analysis of Reducing the Risk Premium in Central Java - Djauhari Pambudi and Russell Smyth; P68 (2008) Exchange Rate Volatility and International Visitor Arrivals to the Home of World Heritage - Cambodia: Fresh Empirical Evidence - Koi Nyen Wong and Tuck Cheong Tang; P69 (2008) Are Shocks to Real Output Permanent or Transitory? Evidence from a Panel of Pacific Island Countries - Vinod Mishra, Susan Sharma and Russell Smyth; P70 (2008) Are Fluctuations in Energy Consumption Per Capita Transitory? Evidence from a Panel of Pacific Island Countries - Vinod Mishra, Susan Sharma and Russell Smyth]);
* ABERU Newsletters (monthly, 2004-2008);
* ABERU Publications [bibliographical details only];
* Contact us; * Links.

URL http://www.buseco.monash.edu.au/units/aberu/

Internet Archive http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://www.buseco.monash.edu.au/units/aberu/

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