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06 February 2009

International Association of Shin Buddhist Studies (IASBS)


06 Feb 2009

c/o Ryukoku University, Kyoto, Japan.

"The International Association of Shin Buddhist Studies was founded in the spring of 1982 by a group of scholars in Kyoto in response to the mounting international attention to Shin Buddhism. The association has approximately 200 members in the Japan District and 150 members within its 5 districts in the rest of the world. The members include not only academics, priests, and laypersons affiliated with Shin Buddhism but also those of other academic expertise and religious tradition. The IASBS welcomes participation of those with wide range of interests and specialization within and beyond Pure Land Buddhism. The IASBS presidents have been chosen among internationally renowned scholars involved in Pure Land Buddhist studies. In chronological order, they have been: Shinsho Hanayama (Professor, Tokyo Univ.), Masatoshi Nagatomi (Professor, Harvard Univ.), Hisao Inagaki (Professor, Ryukoku Univ.), Kenneth Tanaka (Professor, Musashino Univ.)."

Site contents:
* About Us; * Membership;
* Publications (# IASBS Newsletter: Vol. 19 No.2 / Oct 2009, Vol. 19 No.1 / Apr 2009, Vol. 17 No.3 / Nov 2007, Vol. 17 No.2 / Nov 2006, Vol. 17 No.1 / Feb 2006).
# [Academic Journal] The Pure Land - The Journal of the International Association of Shin Buddhist Studies, ISSN 0911-7660. Table of Contents: New Series No. 17, Dec 2000 - New Series No. 22, Dec 2006);
* Activities;
* Links [to Shin Buddhism sites] (International, Academic Societies, Research Institute, Foundation, University/Colleges, Headquaters of each Shin Buddhist denomination);
* Renewal Record [i.e. a list of updates to the site - ed.];
* What's New [incl. info about 'IASBS Japan District Workshop', 7 Mar 2009 - ed.];
* 2009 (the 14th) IASBS Conference [starting 12 Jun 2009 - ed.].

[A bi-lingual (JP, EN) site - ed.]

URL http://iasbs.net/

Internet Archive http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://iasbs.net/

Link reported by: T. Matthew Ciolek (tmciolek--at--coombs.anu.edu.au)

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