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09 March 2009

Image Database to Enhance Asian Studies (IDEAS)


09 Mar 2009

www.ideasproject.org, Colorado Springs, CO, US

The goal of the Image Database to Enhance Asian Studies [IDEAS] is to unify digitizing efforts already in progress at various campuses into a shared searchable database, open to anyone with access to the World Wide Web. IDEAS focuses on the generally underrepresented area of Asia in an attempt to make multi-media materials more widely available for specialists and non-specialists alike. The scope of the IDEAS project will allow for the continued addition of new materials over time, encouraging participation in both use as well as development of the database through faculty and staff workshops. IDEAS is the first multi-institutional, interdisciplinary, pan-Asian searchable database in the country. [...]
"The IDEAS project is the result of a collaboration between Colorado College, Earlham College, Lake Forest College, and St Olaf College, [...] If you would like more information on how to become part of the IDEAS project, please contact Sarah Withee, swithee--at--coloradocollege.edu, project leader."

Site contents:
* About Us; * Teaching Resoures (incl. Bibliography of resources related to teaching with images, Using PowerPoint with ContentDM); * Copyright information; * Submit a Collection; * Submit an Image; * Image Specs; * Search (incl. Keywords Search, Collection Search [Japanese Religion Images, Asian Cultures Collection, Religious Sites in Maharashtra [2003], Asian Takeout [a multi-media database], Rinden Kanost Collection [China, 1928], Beijing 1988, ASIANetwork-Luce Asian Art in the Undergraduate Curriculum Project, The Streets of Singapore [2006], Festivals of the Minaksi Temple [Madurai, Tamilnad]], Advanced Search).

URL http://www.ideasproject.org/

Internet Archive (web.archive.org) [the site was not archived at the time of this abstract]

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