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17 May 2009

Asia Chronicle - The Online Journal of Asian News & Analysis


17 May 2009

www.asiachroniclenews.com, Murphy, TX, US.

"Asia Chronicle is a daily online journal of news, analysis, and commentary focusing on Asian political, economic, and defense issues. Offering free premium content updated daily, Asia Chronicle aims to serve as the premier English language source of quality intelligence for a diverse audience of business executives, diplomats, government officials, and scholars with a professional interest in Asia.
Asia Chronicle is one of the only news and analysis services that explicitly integrates focused regional analysis with powerful global insights. Recognizing that the fates of Asia and the world rise and fall together, Asia Chronicle connects Asia to the world by identifying how global issues affect Asian interests and how Asian issues affect global interests."

Site contents:
* Front Page;
* News & Discussion (Asia Quick View Daily Discussion (Open));
* Browse By Topic (Defense & Diplomacy, Business & Economy, Politics & Society, Transnational Issues);
* Browse By Country (Greater China, Korea, Japan, South Asia, Southeast Asia, West & Central Asia, Russia & Mongolia);
* Asia Columnists (Become a Columnist, John Feffer, Aetius Romulous, Robert Christian);
* Book Reviews (Suggest a Book);
* About Us (About Us, Website Features, Contact Us, Advertise with Us);
* Write For Us (Be a Guest Writer, Join Our Team);
* ASIA BOOKSTORE (Best Books on Asia, Asia Business Books, Books on Global Affairs);
* RSS News Feeds (Asia Chronicle RSS Feed, NewsTrust RSS Feed);
* Free Email Alerts! (Weekly Highlights);
* This Week's Top Reads (Monday, May 18, 2009 #Front Page - Non-Proliferation and Iran: Lessons from Latin America, Swine Flu Hits Mainland China, The Trend of History Toward the East, North Korea and Malign Neglect, Pope Benedict and Islamic Democracy, Ten Ways for the U.S. to Achieve Its Goals in Afghanistan, Too Soon for U.S. Alliance with Pakistan's Sharif? Lady of Myanmar Deserves More International Fame).

URL http://www.asiachroniclenews.com/

Link reported by: Markhi Rollins (markhi82--at--yahoo.com)

Internet Archive (web.archive.org) - Archiving of the site is disallowed by the Asia Chronicle's robots.txt file.

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