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08 July 2009

IDP [The International Dunhuang Project] News Archive


08 Jul 2009

International Dunhuang Project, British Library, London, UK.

"IDP keeps a paper archive of its activities which will accessible in the future at the British Library. This is supplemented by various electronic archives, including details of the web site in various incarnations, early digitised images, newsletter and papers. This is intended as a record of the founding and development of an early digitisation and internet based project and it is hoped that it will be of use and interest to others working on such projects both now and in the future."

[The IDP Newsletter in its electronic incarnation is published in both HTML and PDF formats (the latter ranging in size from 52KB to 3.8 MB - ed.]

Site contents:
Issue 1 - May 1993 ('Cave 17' Conference Sussex University, UK October 13 -15, 1993; Establishment of the IDP Steering Group);
Issue 2 - January 1995 (The Dunhuang Manuscripts in St.Petersburg; Khara-Khoto -- The Black City; The Star Chart);
Issue 3 - July 1995 (Berlin's Re -united Collections; Conservation and Science; Qizil Caves);
Issue 4 - January 1996 (Dunhuang at the Bibliotheque National in Paris; An Oasis in Europe Dunhuang Studies in France; The Year of the Rat);
Issue 5 - Summer 1996 (The Conservation of Manuscripts from Dunhuang and Central Asia; Two Conservation Problems);
Issue 6 - November 1996 (Dunhuang Manuscripts Collections in China);
Issue 7 - Spring 1997 (Ye Changchi: Pioneer of Dunhuang Studies by Rong Xinjiang; Towards a New Understanding of Huahujing (The scripture of transforming the barbarians) from Dunhuang by Liu Yi);
Issues 8 & 9 - Summer/Winter 1997 (Genuine, Copy or Forgery?; IDP Workshop on Dunhuang Mansuscript Forgeries; Chronological Classification of Dunhuang Buddhist Manuscripts; IDP Symposium: 'Dunhuang and Turfan');
Issue 10 - Spring 1998 (Count Otani's Central Asian Expeditions; Japanese Collections of Dunhuang and Silk Road Manuscripts; On the Photography of Magistrate Wang and His Family by Wang Jiqing; Meeting on the Centenary of the Discovery of the Dunhuang Manuscript Cave by Rong Xinjiang);
Issue 11 - Summer 1998 (Preservation of Dunhuang and Central Asian Collections: Third International Conference; Conference Programme; The Silk Road Project: Reuniting Turfan's Scattered Treasures by Valerie Hansen; Conservation in Japan; The Tradition of Japanese Mounting and Some Methods Applied to Early Graphic Materials by W. Andrew Hare; Conservation of 3rd Century Loulan Paper Documents by Katsuhiko Masuda);
Issue 12 - Winter 1998/9 (The Stein Collection in the British Library; Dunhuang Manuscripts in the Taipei National Central Library by Lou Kamtong; Dunhuang Manuscripts at Academia Sinica, Taipei by Tu Cheng -sheng);
Issue 13 - Spring 1999 (Site and Wall Paintings' Conservation at the Mogao Grottoes by Neville Agnew; The Origin of Chess: The Initiative Group Koenigstein; Stylus-Impressed Writing on the Dunhuang Manuscripts by Yasukazu Yoshizawa and Yoshinori Kobayashi);
Issue 14 - Autumn 1999 (The Preservation of Manuscripts, Artefacts and Paintings from Dunhuang and Central Asia; Transparent Plastic Film Materials for Document Conservation by Dr Barry Cope; Samuil Martynovich Dudin by Professor L. N. Menshikov);
Issue 15 - Spring 2000 (Mannerheim's Central Asian Expedition of 1906-1908 by Alpo Ratia; Stein's Dunhuang Limes Revisited by C. W. Dyment);
Issue 16 - Autumn 2000 (Celebrating the Centenary; 2000 International Conference on Dunhuang Studies by Roderick Whitfield; International Academic Conference on the Centenary of the Discovery of the Dunhuang Library Cave by Frances Wood; 'Respect, Understanding and Good Faith' - 'Reminiscence of Dunhuang Manuscripts in British Collections');
Issue 17 - Winter 2000/1 (Tibetan Manuscripts in Gansu Province, China by Sam van Schaik; Bibliography of Catalogues of Tibetan Central Asian Manuscript Collections; Summary of the January 2001 EPHE Veme section lecture series by Matthew Kapstein; Ellsworth Huntington and the Central Asian Manuscripts at Yale by Sam van Schaik);
Issue 18 - Summer 2001 (The Three Rabbits; Camel and Yak Hair on the Silk Road by M. L. Ryder; A Dash Across Asia; More Dogs and Other AnimalsÉ; Sir Auriel Stein's Grave in Kabul);
Issue 19 - Winter 2001 (Chinggis Khan's Name Encrypted in a Tangut Song; Setting Standards -- IDP Photography and Digitisation; New IDP website: Buddhism on the Silk Road);
Issue 20 - Spring 2002 (Manuscript Forgeries; Dunhuang Manuscript Forgeries; Islam Akhuns Forgeries 1895-7 (Two 'New' Islam Akhuns Forgeries & Forgeries Today; More Stein News; The UK-Hungarian Stein Project);
Issue 21 - Summer 2002 (The IDP Database Goes International; Sven Hedin: Explorer and Collector; The Centenary of the First German Expedition to Turfan; The Sven Hedin Foundation);
Issue 22/23 - Winter 2002/Spring 2003 (Launch of the Chinese Web Site; 5th Conservation Conference in Stockholm; Dunhuang Paintings Online; An Enduring Friendship: De Filippi and Stein; Memories of Ksenia Kepping);
Issue 24 - Autumn 2004 (IDP 10 years on; The Silk Road Exhibition and associated events; IDP in Russia and Japan; Project Appeal);
Issue 25 - Spring 2005 (St Petersburg Online; A Journey of Exploration: Objets d'Arts of the Museum of Indian Art, Berlin, in the State Hermitage, St Petersburg; Archaeological Finds from Khotan in the State Museum of Ethnography in Munich; Stein in the UK, Hungary and India; Obituary: Nadezhda Mironovna Brovenko (1946-2003));
Issue 26 - Winter 2005 (2005 - The New Year in Review; New Funding; A Guide to the IDP Website and Database; Uighur Studies in China: A Review; Professor L.N. Menshikov (1926-2005));
Issue 27 - Spring 2006 (The Berlin Turfan Collection -- Online; Nikolai Mikhailovich Przhevalsky and the Politics of Russian Imperialism; A Study of the Silk Braids on Stein Chinese Scrolls; Textile Exhibition and Publication; The Use of Melinex for Enclosing Manuscript Fragments; Kashgar: Cultural Monuments and Spaces);
Issue 28 - Winter 2006 (Recent Japanese Research on Silk Road Manuscripts; The Zhufoyaojijing at the Lueshun Museum; Database of the Normative Glyphs in Hanzi Script (HNG); Codicological study of old Chinese Manuscripts; Exploiting the high dynamic range of images for study; Scientific Analysis of Paper from Ancient Central Asian Manuscripts; The British Library Sanskrit Fragments; Boris Il'ich Marshak; Ford Foundation Symposium);
Issue 29 - Spring 2007 (A Century of Collection Care; The Conservation of Stein Tibetan Manuscripts; Recent IDP Conservation Initiatives; Turfan Conservation in Berlin, Dr Simone-Christiane Raschmann; Remembering Wang Xu (1930-1997), Sarah Allen);
Issue 30 - Winter 2007 (Stein and Chinese Officials at Dunhuang; A Study in the Manufacture of Old Asian Inks; IDP Conservation News);
Issue 31 - Spring/Summer 2008 (IDP -CREA Cultural Routes of Eurasia; IDP -CREA Partners and Activities; Western Eyes: An Exhibition of Historical Photographs of China taken by European Photographers, 1860-1930 (The Conservation of an Eighteenth Century Chinese Tao);
Issue No. 32 - Winter 2008 -09 (Archaeology in Xinjiang; A Century On: Documenting Archaeological Sites in Xinjiang; Berlin Researchers in Turfan; New Discoveries and Research on Khotan; Celebrating the 2009 International Year of Astronomy; Understanding the Dunhuang Star Chart; Recent Publications on Xinjiang Archaeology and Travel; Exhibitions; IDP UK

URL http://idp.bl.uk/pages/archives_newsletter.a4d

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