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04 September 2009

Transoxiana: Journal Libre de Estudios Orientales - Issue Aug 2009


04 Sep 2008

www.transoxiana.org, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Supplied note: "Transoxiana 14 - Agosto 2009
* Editorial - Paola Raffetta
* Memorias del Periodo Colonial en Memorias Perdidas 2009 y Hanbando - Maria del Pilar alvarez (IIGG, UBA, Buenos Aires)
* Iranian Elements in Kasmir and Tibet: Sasanian and Sogdian Borrowings in Kashmiri and Tibetan Art - Matteo Compareti (Venezia)
* Dioses, Heroes y Chamanes Eelida Herrera (Buenos Aires)
* Cazadores, Guerreros y Soldados: Los paradigmas miticos detras de una guerra - Ana Silvia Karacic (USAL, Buenos Aires)
* Paulo sob investigacao: A historia da pesquisa e as questoes atuais - Brian Gordon Lutalo Drumond Kibuuka (Wittenberg)
* Augustos y Soberanos: Ideal de Sociedad y Civilizacion en la China Arcaica - Julio Lopez Saco (UCV, Caracas)
* Tongwancheng, the city of Southern Huns - Borbala Obrusanszky (Research Group on Hungarian Ancestral History)
* On the Origin of One Dynasty of the Ancient Chach - Erbulat A. Smagulov (Almaty), Sergey V. Demidenko (Moscu), Aisulu A. Erzhigitova (Shymkent).
* Early Turks: Male Costume in the Chinese Art Second half of the 6th - first half of the 8th cc. (Images of 'Others') - Sergey A. Yatsenko (Moscu)
* Some Notes on Ancient and Medieval History of Chach - Shamsiddin Kamoliddin (Tashkent)
Resenas de libros
* Doi, Mary Masayo. Gesture, Gender, Nation: Dance and Social Change in Uzbekistan. - Por Matthew J. Forss (Goddard College, Plainfield, VT)
* Marcelo Gullo. Revista de libros: "La insubordinacion fundante. Breve historia de la construccion del poder de las naciones". - Por Mariela Szirko (Buenos Aires) - pr."

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* Current Issue; * Past Issues; * Reviews; * Permanent Call for Papers; * Webfestschrift Series 2004 - Webfestschrift Scarcia: L'Onagro Maestro Miscellanea di fuochi accesi per Gianroberto Scarcia in occasione del suo LXX sade - P. Raffetta, Ed., 2003 - Webfestschrift Marshak: Eran ud Aneran Studies presented to Boris Ilich Marshak on the Occasion of His 70th Birthday - Compareti, Raffetta, Scarcia, Eds.); * Links (Sources, E-Journals, E-Libraries, E-Texts, Casas de Estudio, Eurasia y Asia Central, India, Iran, Antiguedad, Zoroastrismo, Anatolia, Egipto, Revistas electronicas sobre Egipto Varios); * RSS feed [www.transoxiana.org/rss-feed.xml]

['Transoxiana: Journal Libre de Estudios Orientales' is a free e-journal in English, Spanish, and Russian (est. 2000, ISSN 1666-7050) published in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Contact 'Transoxiana' by email at editor--at--transoxiana.org - ed.]

URL http://www.transoxiana.org

Internet Archive http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://www.transoxiana.org

Link reported by: Paola Raffetta (editor--at--transoxiana.org)

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