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06 January 2010

Sound and Picture Archives for Research on Women (SPARROW)


06 Jan 2010

www.sparrowonline.org, Mumbai, India.

"The idea of setting up SPARROW took root in 1988. Before that, those who are now the trustees of SPARROW had met several times and discussed the possibilities of setting up a Women's Archives with a difference. The need for such a specialised archives has emerged from their own work in Women's Studies. The idea was not to set up a Women's Archives as just a collection centre but to create an archives which would be more vibrant and more communicative. The Women's Archives was conceived as an organisation which would bring people together; an archive which would be an agent of conscientisation. [...]
Current SPARROW Holdings: 12745 photographs, 5969 media slides, 609 documentaries in 7 languages, 585 popular films in 11 languages, 4700 books in 12 languages, 3500 journal articles in 7 languages, 17500 newspaper clippings in 8 languages, 1925 brochures in 9 languages, 3031 print visuals, 1362 posters, 118 calendars, 8000 cartoons by Maya Kamath, 649 music audio-cassettes / C.Ds, 1093 oral history recordings."

Site contents:
* Profile;
* Trustees (SPARROW Trustees, Advisory Committee, External Advisors from Outside Mumbai, External Advisors from Outside India);
* Projects (1. Oral History Recording Programme (OHRP), 2. Digital Video Recording Project, 3. Photography Project, 4. Media-Watch Project, 5. Multilingual Collection Project, 6. NGO Documentation, 7. Project Maya Kamath, 8. Global Feminisms);
* Archives (# Oral History Recordings: Freedom Movements, Practitioners of Traditional Systems of Medicine and Traditional Healers, Ambedkar Movement & Experiences of Dalit Women, Policymakers, Women In Progressive Movements, Women in the Left & Progressive Movements, Artistes/Artists, Bani Basu, Mona Zote, # Media Watch: Advertisements, Documentaries by women on women, Films by women on women, # Video Documentation, # Photographic Project: Activists at work, Selected works of women photographers, Sangli Event coverage, Performers, Vanmala, # Multi-Lingual Collections, The Word: Books, journals, The Image: posters, ritual designs, cartoons and jokes, diaries , The Sound: Folk) ;
* Publications (Booklets, Books, Reports, Translations, Publication Pricelist);
* Worshops (Oral History, Visual History, Film Viewing);
* Outreach (Events and Expansion Plans);
* Newsletter (SPARROW Newsletter No. 1 Nov, 2003 to Newsletter No. 18 Sep, 2009 [free download, PDF format]);
* Annual Reports [donloadable reports, from 1997-1998 till 2008-2008];
* Downloads (Selected Sparrow Films about: # Homai Vyarawalla [photo journalist], # Ambika [actress], # Malathamma [actress], # Ritha [dancer], # Pramila Esther Victoria Abraham [oral historian], # Kanaka [sculptor], # Damayanti Menaka's Daughter [dancer], # Sushma Vhay, Mee Savitriba [actress], # Maya [actress], # Neela - Colours of Tradition [painter], # Vithabai [actress]);
* Contact Us;
* How to Participate.

URL http://www.sparrowonline.org/

Internet Archive http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://www.sparrowonline.org/

Link reported by: Geraldine Forbes (geraldine.forbes--at--oswego.edu), forwarded by h-asia--at--h-net.msu.edu

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