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08 February 2010

Kathmandu Valley Preservation Trust (KVPT)


08 Feb 2010

Kathmandu Valley Preservation Trust (KVPT)

Kathmandu Valley Preservation Trust, Lalitpur, Nepal & New York, NY, US.

"Our purpose is to safeguard the extraordinary and threatened architectural heritage of the Kathmandu Valley. With seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites in its relatively tiny domain, the Kathmandu Valley boasts a concentration and quality of architectural monuments and townscapes of significance to all humanity. [...] Over the last thirteen years, the Trust has rescued over two dozen significant monuments. Repair and restoration operations have initiated key training and research programs for our Nepalese team. The Trust headquarters on Patan Darbar Square has become a training centre and clearinghouse for information about historic preservation in Nepal. Most notably, the Trust has rallied a significant donor base among Nepalese businesses and individuals-matching funding is thus the norm for most of our restoration projects. The Kathmandu Valley Preservation Trust is the only international non-government agency registered in the field of cultural heritage in Nepal. The Trust is based in the U.S. with full U.S. tax-deductible status."

Site contents:
* Mission (Patan Campaign, Heritage at Risk, Living Monuments, Tradition, Conservation Challenges, KVPT's Nepalese Team, Global Dialogue);
* Projects (COMPLETED PROJECTS: # Ayuguthi Sattal (18th c.), Patan Darbar World Heritage Site (1999-2001), # Balkumari Temple (17th c.), Stone Lions, Patan (2002), # Chobar Ganesh (17th c.), Kathmandu (1998), # Documentation of Architectural Heritage of Kathmandu Valley (1993-97), # Garden of Dreams (20th c.), Keshar Mahal, Kathmandu (2001), # Gokarna Parvati Temple (16th c.), Gokarna, Kathmanu (1990), # Indrapur Temple (17th c.), Kathmandu Darbar World Heritage Site, (2001-02), # Jyababahi Pati (19th c.), Patan (2002), # Kulima Narayan Temple (17th c.), Patan (1997-1998), # KVPT Headquarter (20th c.), Patan Darbar World Heritage Site (1999-2000), # Kva Baha (Golden Temple) 15th c., Patan World Heritage Site (1994), # Kwalkhu Ganesh Temple (19th c.), Patan World Heritage Site (1992), # Kwalkhu Pati (19th c.), Patan World Heritage Site (1992), # Lakhe Shrestha Tower (17th c.), Patan Darbar World Heritage Site (1995), # Mani Gupha Temple (18th c.), Patan Darbar World Heritage Site (1993), # Narayan Temple (17th c.), Kathmandu Darbar World Heritage Site, (2003), # Patukva Agamche (17th c.), Patan World Heritage Site (1994-1997), # Prototype House for Monument Areas (1993), # Radha Krishna Temple (17th c.), Patan World Heritage Site (1991-1994), # Shakya House (1993), # Sulima Temple (14th c.), Patan (1997-1998), # Survey of Kathmandu Sattals and Patis (1994), # Technical Support to Chhusya Bahal (17th c.), Kathmandu (1999), # Technical Support to Lampati (17th c.), Patan Darbar World Heritage Site (1997), # Technical Support to Music School (19th c.), Chupin Ghat, Bhaktapur (1996), # Tumbaha Narayan Temple (16th c.), Patan World Heritage Site (1998-2000), # Uma Maheswar Temple (17th c.), Patan World Heritage Site (1991-1992), # Yetkha Bahal (12th c.), Kathmandu (2002),
ONGOING PROJECTS: # Patan Palace Complex: 1. Sundari Chowk, 2. Mul Chowk, 3. Bhandarkhal Archaeological Garden, Patan Darbar World Heritage Site; # Itum Baha monastery;
FUTURE PROJECTS: # Patan Darbar Square: 1. Court Builiding (19th c.), 2. Court Pati (19th c.), 3. Patan Palace Complex North Wing (18th c.), 4. Bhaideval Temple (17th c.), 5. Narasimha Temple (16th c.), 6. Visvanath Temple (17th c.); # Kathmandu Darbar Square: 1. Bansagopal Temple (17th c.), 2. Saraswati Pati (18th c.), 3. Drum House (18th c.), 4. Gorakhkali Shrine (17th c.));
* Programs (Trust Headquarters, Training, Old Glory, Internship, Research (Incl. The history of painting in Nepal and scientific analysis of paints and pigments), Unexpected Discovery [discovery of an ancient mural in the Yetkha Bahal shrine house];
* Archive [Documentation, publication, and information access projects undertaken in conjunction with Harvard University's Frances Loeb Library];
* Newsletter (# KVPT Field Report, Jan. 2009 (PDF, 1.08 MB), # KVPT Field Report, Nov. 2007 (PDF, 1.74 KB), # KVPT Newsletter, Dec. 2006 (PDF, 1.6 MB), # KVPT Newsletter, Winter 2005 (PDF, 1.6 MB), # Several MB strong folio of historic images);
* Publications (# 2007 Folio of Historic Image of Patan Darbar Square (PDF, 1.4 MB);
* Articles (# 2008-08 The Once and Future Kathmandu - Vanity Fair Internet Edition (PDF, 333 KB); # 2008-09 The Once and Future Kathmandu - Vanity Fair (PDF, 1.77 MB); # 2005-04 Articles From Orientations (PDF, 161 KB); # 1992 Timber Conservation Problems of the Nepalese Pagoda Temple by Erich Theophile and Rohit Ranjitkar (PDF, 5 MB); # 1979 Monumentum by Dr. E. F. Sekler (PDF, 2.3 MB));
* Contact Us.

URL http://www.kvptnepal.org/

Internet Archive http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://www.kvptnepal.org/

Link reported by: T. Matthew Ciolek (tmciolek--at--coombs.anu.edu.au)

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