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18 January 2010

Asian Theatre Journal (ATJ)


18 Jan 2010

Project MUSE, The Johns Hopkins University Press in collaboration with The Milton S. Eisenhower Library, Baltimore, MD, US.

"Project MUSE (muse.jhu.edu) provides full text, [institutional] subscription access to current content from scholarly journals in the humanities and social sciences."

"Asian Theatre Journal [E-ISSN: 1527-2109 Print ISSN: 0742-5457, PUBLISHER: University of Hawai'i Press, JOURNAL COVERAGE: Vol. 16, no. 2 (1999) through current issue - ed.] is dedicated to the performing arts of Asia, focusing upon both traditional and modern theatrical forms. It aims to facilitate the exchange of knowledge throughout the international theatrical community for the mutual benefit of all interested scholars and artists. It offers descriptive and analytical articles, original plays and play translations, book and audiovisual reviews, and reports of current theatrical activities in Asia."

Site contents:
* Search This Journal; * Current Issue; * Free Sample Issue; * Subscription Information; * Indexing/Abstracting; * Advertising Rates and Policies; * Submission Guidelines; * Editorial Board; * University of Hawai'i Press.
* Vol 16, Number 2, Fall 1999 - Vol 26, Number 1, Spring 2009;
* Frequently Downloaded Articles (# East, West, and World Theatre, # Tradition, Change, and Continuity in Chinese Theatre in the Last Hundred Years: In Commemoration of the Spoken Drama Centenary, # Theatricality and Cultural Critique in Chinese Cinema, # The Transfiguration of Indian/Asian Dance in the United Kingdom: Contemporary Bharatanatyam in Global Contexts, # Myth and Reality: A Story of Kabuki during American Censorship, 1945-1949).

URL http://muse.jhu.edu/journals/atj/

Internet Archive (web.archive.org)
[Not archived. Access to http://muse.jhu.edu/journals/atj/ has been blocked by the site owner via robots.txt]

Link reported by: Moshe Cohen (moshikomoshiko--at--yahoo.com)

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