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14 April 2010

[Asia-related digital datasets in] UK Data Archive (UKDA)


14 Apr 2010

UK Data Archive, University of Essex, Colchester, Essex, UK

"The UK Data Archive (UKDA) is a centre of expertise in data acquisition, preservation, dissemination and promotion and is curator of the largest collection of digital data in the social sciences and humanities in the UK. Founded in 1967, it now houses several thousand datasets of interest to a wide range of researchers and provides resource discovery and support for secondary use of quantitative and qualitative data in research, learning and teaching. UKDA is a designated Place of Deposit by The National Archives allowing it to ingest and preserve public records. UKDA is based at the University of Essex in Colchester.

The speciality of the UKDA is research data created in the domains of the social sciences and humanities, though more recently it has worked with environmental and medical data sources. Among its family of services are the Economic and Social Data Service, History Data Service, UK Census portal, Rural Economy and Land Use Programme Data Support Service, Secure Data Service, Survey Resources Network, and Survey Question Bank. It also provides strategic co-ordination of the EC CESSDA-PPP project."

Site contents:
* Finding data;
* Catalogue search, (Help on searching, About catalogue, Glossary of terms, Browse by subject, Major studies, Major depositors, New releases, HASSET thesaurus, Search UKDA-store, Other archives);
*About the data; * Sharing; * Support; * R & D; * News; * A-Z index; * Site map; * Contact; * Login; * Search;
* Data [Incl. select Asia-related data sets listed in http://www.data-archive.ac.uk/search/allSearch.asp?ct=xmlAll&q1=Asia
Each of the data sets below carries a page with Study Description/Documentation and Download/Order details - ed.]]
# SN 2942 Polity II : Political Structures and Regime Change, 1880-1986 [History Data Service] [...] [AMERICA] [ANGLESEY] [ANGOLA] [ARGENTINA] [ASIA] [AUSTRALASIA] [AUSTRALIA] [AUSTRIA] [BADEN] [BANGLADESH] [...];
# SN 5690 East India Company: Trade and Domestic Financial Statistics, 1755-1838 [History Data Service] [...] [BRITISH ECONOMIC, SOCIAL, AND CULTURAL INTERACTIONS WITH ASIA, 1760-1833. STATISTICS RELATING TO THE TRADE AND DOMESTIC FINANCES OF THE COMPANY] [...];
# SN 2823 World Tables of Economic and Social Indicators, 1950-1992 [ESDS] [...] [CAMBODIA] [DENMARK] [DOMINICA] [DOMINICAN REPUBLIC] [EAST ASIA] [ECUADOR] [EGYPT] [EL SALVADOR] [EQUATORIAL GUINEA] [...];
# SN 3655 Polity III : Regime Type and Political Authority, 1800-1994 [History Data Service] [...] [AMERICA] [ANGOLA] [ARGENTINA] [ARMENIA] [ASIA] [AUSTRALASIA] [AUSTRALIA] [AUSTRIA] [AZERBAIJAN] [BADEN][...];
# SN 6302 International Energy Agency World Energy Statistics, 1960-2008 [ESDS International] [...] [VIET NAM] [YEMEN] [ZAMBIA] [ZIMBABWE] [ASIA] [LATIN AMERICA] [MIDDLE EAST] [GEOTHERMAL ENERGY] International macro data [...];
# SN 4956 OECD International Development (Debt and Aid) Statistics, 1975-2007 [ESDS International] [...] [UNITED NATIONS] [WATER SUPPLY] [ANGUILLA] [ARAB COUNTRIES] [ASIA] [CARIBBEAN] [CZECHOSLOVAKIA (1918-1992)] [EUROPE] [EUROPEAN UNION] [...];
# SN 3441 Correlates of War Project: International and Civil War Data, 1816-1992 [History Data Service] [...] [ANGOLA] [ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA] [ARGENTINA] [ARMENIA] [ASIA] [AUSTRALASIA] [AUSTRALIA] [AUSTRIA] [AUSTRIA-HUNGARY (PRE-1918)] [...];
# SN 6286 United Nations Commodity Trade Statistics Database, 1962-2008 [ESDS International] [...] [CARIBBEAN] [CAYMAN ISLANDS] [CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC] [CENTRAL AND WESTERN ASIA] [CHAD] [CHILE] [CHINA] [CHRISTMAS ISLAND] [COCOS (KEELING) ISLANDS] [...];
# SN 2139 ECPR Party Manifestos Project, 1921-1987 [History Data Service] [...] [AMERICA] [ANGLESEY] [ASIA] [AUSTRALASIA] [AUSTRALIA] [AUSTRIA] [BELGIUM] [CANADA] [...];
# SN 3505 Foreign Ethnographic Collections in Scotland, 18th-20th Century [History Data Service] [...] [AFRICA] [AMERICA] [ASIA] [AUSTRALASIA] [SCOTLAND] [ACCESS TO FACILITIES] [ARCHAEOLOGICAL OBJECTS] [...];
# SN 2093 Vital Statistics Time Series, 1749-1982 [History Data Service] [...] [AFRICA] [AMERICA] [ANGLESEY] [ASIA] [AUSTRALASIA] [ENGLAND] [EUROPE] [MULTI-NATION] [NORTHERN IRELAND ...
# SN 1963 Elections in Western Nations, 1828-1982 [History Data Service] [...] [AMERICA] [ANGLESEY] [ASIA] [AUSTRALASIA] [AUSTRALIA] [AUSTRIA] [BELGIUM] [CANADA] [...];
# SN 2130 Soviet Agricultural Data, 1940-1982 [History Data Service] [...] [ASIA] [BELARUS] [EUROPE] [KAZAKHSTAN] [RUSSIA] [UKRAINE] [...];
# SN 869 Cross-National Time Series, 1815-1973 [History Data Service] [...] [ALGERIA] [AMERICA] [ANGLESEY] [ARGENTINA] [ASIA] [AUSTRALASIA] [AUSTRALIA] [AUSTRIA] [BADEN] [BAHAMAS] [...];
# SN 1085 Cross-National Data Analysis Learning Package, 1919-1939 [History Data Service] [...] [ALBANIA] [AMERICA] [ANGLESEY] [ARGENTINA] [ASIA] [AUSTRALASIA] [AUSTRALIA] [AUSTRIA] [BELGIUM] [BENIN] [...];
# SN 1076 Polity Data : Persistence and Change in Political Systems, 1800-1971 [History Data Service] [...] [AMERICA] [ANGLESEY] [ANGOLA] [ARGENTINA] [ASIA] [AUSTRALASIA] [AUSTRALIA] [AUSTRIA] [BADEN] [BAVARIA] [...];
# SN 4003 Globalisation, Technology and Wage Inequality, 1870-1970 [History Data Service] [...] [International historical Statistics] [Africa] [Asia] [Oceania] [1750-1988] [...];
# SN 321 Diplomatic Exchange Data, 1815-1970; Symmetric and Asymmetric Files [History Data Service] [...] [ALGERIA] [AMERICA] [ANGLESEY] [ARGENTINA] [ASIA] [AUSTRALASIA] [AUSTRALIA] [AUSTRIA] [BADEN] [BAHRAIN] [...];
# SN 320 Diplomatic Missions Received by Each International System Member, 1817-1970 [History Data Service] [...] [ALGERIA] [AMERICA] [ANGLESEY] [ARGENTINA] [ASIA] [AUSTRALASIA] [AUSTRALIA] [AUSTRIA] [AUSTRIA-HUNGARY (PRE-1918)] [...];
# SN 766 Domestic Conflict Behavior, 1919-1966 [History Data Service] [...] [ALBANIA] [AMERICA] [ANGLESEY] [ARGENTINA] [ASIA] [AUSTRALASIA] [AUSTRALIA] [AUSTRIA] [BELGIUM] [BENIN] [...];
# SN 3454 Demography of Sri Lanka, 1900-1954 [History Data Service] [...] [ASIA] [SRI LANKA] [AGE] [CAUSES OF DEATH] [CENSUS RECORDS] [...];
# SN 2101 Treatymaking in the Interwar Period, 1921-1942 [History Data Service] [...] [ALBANIA] [AMERICA] [ANGLESEY] [ARGENTINA] [ASIA] [AUSTRALASIA] [AUSTRIA] [BELGIUM] [BOLIVIA] [BRAZIL] [...];
# SN 3009 Soviet Government Officials, 1922-1941 : a Handlist [History Data Service] [...] [ASIA] [EUROPE] [USSR] [CIVIL SERVANTS] [GOVERNMENT DEPARTMENTS] [...];
# SN 2700 Interwar Trade Dataset, 1900-1939 [History Data Service] [...] [AFRICA] [AMERICA] [ANGLESEY] [ARGENTINA] [ASIA] [AUSTRALASIA] [AUSTRIA] [BELGIUM] [BOLIVIA] [BRAZIL] [...].

URL: http://www.data-archive.ac.uk/

Internet Archive: http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://www.data-archive.ac.uk/

Link reported by: T. Matthew Ciolek (tmciolek--at--coombs.anu.edu.au)

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