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12 April 2010

[Online] Publications on Indo-Portuguese History and Culture


12 Apr 2010

Professor Teotonio R. de Souza: [Online] Publications on Indo-Portuguese History and Culture

www.scribd.com, San Francisco, CA, USA.

Supplied note:
"Teotonio R. de Souza was born in Goa in 1947. Studied at the University of Poona for Master's and PhD in History (1970-1977). Professed member of the Society of Jesus (1967-1994), collaborated in founding the Xavier Centre of Historical Research, Goa in 1979. PhD guide in History of the Goa University (1985-1994) and visiting Professor of Jnana Deepa Vidyapeeth (Poona) and Vidyajyoti (Delhi). Recovered Portuguese citizenship in 1995. Since 1996ĂŠProfessor and Head of the Department of History of the Universidade Lusofona in Lisboa. Is fellow of the Portuguese Academy of History since 1983 and of the Sociedade de Geografia de Lisboa since 2000. More details of [his] CV may be consulted at http://bit.ly/6flQ9 and the ResearchID with important online publications at http://bit.ly/aBMS9z
Several of his important publications (particularly dispersed and hard to get research articles) during the past 3 and half decades may now be consulted at http://www.scribd.com/teodesouza and http://recil.grupolusofona.pt/items-by-author?author=Souza%2C+Teot%C3%B3nio+R.+de [not covered by this abstract - ed.] They cover the historical and cultural impact of the Portuguese colonial presence in Asia, and more particularly in India. - trs."

Site contents:
* Historical Explorations & Online Documents
(# O 6o ConcIlio de Goa e a Instrumentalizacao PolItica de S. Francisco Xavier; # Easteriography and Goan History; # Marine Insurance in Indo-Portuguese Trade; # Bocarro's Account of Goa-based Trade in the Early 17th Century; # Goa Inquisition for Colonial Disciplining; # Hajj Without Spice: Akbar and the Portuguese; # Rojnishi & Indo-Portuguese History; # Rojnishi: Maratha history in Portuguese records of Lisbon; # Embassies and Surrogates: Case-Study of a Malacca Embassy to Siam in 1595; # History of Goan Culture: Post-Orientalism; # Our Inspirers: Maria Couto & Fr. Romuald; # Time & Memory: Ringing in the New; # To the Nations and Nation: Francis Xavier and Joseph Vaz; # Bhorpis (gypsies) in Goa; # Inquisition, Jesuits and Archbishops; # Goa Jesuits: 250 Years Ago and Since; # J.H. Cunha Rivara and Native Goan Elites; # A Kind of Absence (Author: Joao da Veiga Coutinho); # Praying Doves and Preying Vultures; # Church in Goa: Servants, slaves and rebels; # Medieval Goa (2009); # T R de Souza on Google Scholar [Jul 2009, List compiled by John Pimenta]; # Goan Ethnography and Colonial Anthropology; # Ganv thuim marodd: Goan ethnographic heritage; # Nothing Need Worry the Church of Goa; # India - 50 (1997); # The Portuguese Saints; # The Political Economy of the Church (2009); # Dare not Silence the Truth; # Vasco da Gama and the Later Portuguese Colonial Presence in India; # The Church in Goa (1999); # A Igreja na India (Esboco Historico) (2000); # As impressoes portuguesas da India; # Indo-Portuguese numismatics and the Goa Mint (1976); # Municipalismo colonial e municipalismo nativo em Goa: conflitos e convergoncias de interesses; # Missionacao Portuguesa no Indico; # The Mirage of Elections; # Lusofonia: O caso de Goa; # 25 years of ISIPH seminars [Indo-Portuguese History]; # Charles R. Boxer: Historiador, Mestre e Amigo (2004); # Um Missionario da Civilizacao Hindu em Portugal (2000); # My kingdom is not of this earth; # The Make-up of a Guru; # Diamond Mines of the Deccan (1996); # The Mhamais of Goa; # The Portuguese in Goa; # Confessionarios or Manuals of Confession: Missionary tools and their colonial uses -- The case study of Goa (2005); # Mito e Arte em Santa Monica de Goa; # Myth and Art at Santa Monica in Goa; # Goa: Roteiro Historico Cultural; # Estado da India 500 anos; # Corruption: The Mother of Poverty; # Saints for all Seasons?; # Lingua portuguesa ou Lingua a portuguesa?; # Cunha Rivara 200 PT; # Cunha Rivara 200; # Goa Archives - Fourth Centenary; # How the Church Flourished in Goa; # Mhamais of Goa; # Goan Identity: One, several or none?; # Goans in Europe: Losing their Identity; # Os bispos acorianos no Oriente portuguos; # Goa and the Pinto Conspiracy of 1757; # The Voiceless in Goan Historiography; # Dying and Killing for Forged Identities?; # De Ceuta ao Japao; # Christmas for Secular Believers; # Never the same again; # Cursing the Parents, Cursing the Past. No way forward!; # Guddhameva Jayate!; # Goa: Lusotopic, Lusophonic or Lusophilic?; # Pluricronias; # Goa: Daughter's Story; # Goa: Conversions & Citizenry; # Metahistory; # African Slavery in Goa; # MOIRA 1875; # Hindus and Goan Colonial Economy; # Padroado portuguos no Oriente; # Dishonouring Our Freedom Fighters; # Church Politics in Goa; # Between Empires - Review Article; # Historical Archives; # Unwrapping Goan Identity (2008)).

URL: http://www.scribd.com/teodesouza

Internet Archive: (web.archive.org) [the site was not archived at the time of this abstract - ed.]

Link reported by: Teotonio R. de Souza (teodesouza--at--netcabo.pt)

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