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26 March 2010

Publishing with Brill - Asian Studies


26 Mar 2010

Brill, Leiden, The Netherlands.

"Brill is an established [over 325 years of experience - ed.] scholarly publisher with a reputation for publishing books of excellent quality and academic distinction. We currently publish over 600 books per year, 135 journals and online products including e-books. [Src: http://campaigns.emailserver2.com/MBDT/WebformListener.aspx?vid=221470]."

Site contents:
* Featured Title;
* New 2010 Asian Studies Catalog (PDF, Excel Listing);
* Highlighted Titles [# Bibliographical details, # Table of contents, # Readership, # About the author(s), # View this book at Google Book Search, # Link to the online shop]
(Incl. in Mar 2010,: # Materials for an Anatomy of Personality in Late Imperial China, Paolo Santangelo; # Statecraft and Classical Learning The Rituals of Zhou in East Asian History, Edited by Benjamin A. Elman and Martin Kern; # Esoteric Buddhism at Dunhuang Rites and Teachings for This Life and Beyond, Edited by Matthew T. Kapstein and Sam van Schaik);
* Catalogs and Downloads (PDF, Excel Listing, # Brill's Korean Studies Library - New Series 2010, # Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Yearbooks, # Chinese Overseas - New Series 2010, # Encyclopedia of Hinduism, # Encyclopedia of Indonesia in the Pacific War - 2010, # Korean Yearbook, # Modern Chinese Philosophy - New Series 2010, # Religion in China, # Religion in Chinese Societies - New Series 2010, # Social Scientific Studies in Reform Era China - New Series 2010);
* Journals [As of Mar 2010, bibliographical and subscription details of 11 journals].
* Asian Studies Blog, News and Press, Quiz!
* Reviews;
* Asian Studies E-Bulletin (Archives: 2010: February, January. 2009: December, November, October);
* Contact;
* Links (incl. Brill's China Page [http://www.brill.nl/china];
* Conferences and Events [Asian Studies worldwide];
* Feedback;
* Search (Catalog, Website).

URL http://www.brill.nl/asianstudies

Internet Archive (web.archive.org) [the site was not archived at the time of this abstract]

Link reported by: Dr Dagmar Vermeer (vermeer--at--brill.nl)

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