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08 March 2010

[Annotated] Bibliography of Performing Arts in the East' (in Western languages)


08 Mar 2010

asia-perfo-arts.com, Ramat Gan, Israel.

Supplied note:
"The commented [i.e. annotated - ed.] 'Bibliography of Performing Arts in the East' (in Western languages) [with over 47,000 records - ed.] is dedicated to the visual performing arts in Asia and Oceania. It covers in full: theatre, dance, puppetry, plays, and masks; while cinema, television, circus, and martial arts are selected [listed selectively - ed.]; music is included only when connected with theatre or dance [performances - ed.].
The contents are divided as follows:
* China (over 9,900 entries);
* Japan (over 8,200 entries);
* Korea (over 1,900 entries);
* Indonesia (over 4,000 entries);
* Other countries in Southeast Asia [but excluding Indonesia - ed.] (over 4,300 entries);
* India (over 12,100 entries);
* Other countries in South and Central Asia [but excluding India - ed.] (over 1,800 entries);
* West Asia [only traditional arts - ed.] (over 1,400 entries);
* Oceania [including New Zealand's Maoris and Australian Aborigines - ed.] (over 3,500 entries).
There are [also] selective [search] tools - by title, author, year, and also the possibility of asking for a word or string of characters. The selection can be reorganized by alphabet or by publication year. [Access to these advanced features requires prior FREE registration and a login - ed.]
Each entry's contents are detailed. Whenever possible, the comments are [made of] short self-explaining extracts from the works themselves. The reviews have been added. The publication is dynamic, and will be updated at frequent intervals. Any additions, corrections and comments will be highly appreciated. The mailing address is hadary.alex-at--gmail.com - ah."

URL http://asia-perfo-arts.com/

[A steadily expanding 'opus magnum' - ed.]

Internet Archive (web.archive.org) [the site was not archived at the time of this abstract]

Link reported by: Alex Hadary (hadary.alex--at--gmail.com)

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