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22 February 2010

Thesaurus Literaturae Buddhicae (TLB)


22 Feb 2010

The Bibliotheca Polyglotta, Faculty of Humanities, University of Oslo, Norway

"The Bibliotheca Polyglotta (BP) is a multilingual corpus of historically important texts. [...] The texts will be accompanied with a number of resources such as bibliographies, introductions, comments and images of the original manuscripts from where they are edited. [...] One can search any word or phrase in the corpus or in a chosen set of texts and have the search results written out, and further access any search result in its sentence by sentence multilingual mode by clicking on the reference in the search result. Every sentence in the BP has a BP number as a unique identification. [...]

The THESAURUS LITERATURAE BUDDHICAE (TLB) is a quadrilingual presentation of Buddhist literature sentence by sentence in Sanskrit, Chinese, Tibetan and English. [...] The TLB is a cumulative work in its initial stages, with its origin connected to The Norwegian Institute of Palaeography and Historical Philology. The last input was made August 15th, 2008, and the materials so far comprise Aks: first part; Akbh: first part of first chapter; Bca: complete; Kpv: complete; Rgvbh: complete; Vaj: complete; Vgv: complete; Vkn: complete. Students and scholars are cordially invited to input their favourite Buddhist texts and to contribute any material to the project. At the University of Oslo, Department of Culture Studies and Oriental languages, seminars are conducted for students and scholars to study the necessary trilingual philology of Buddhism. Those who might wish to participate in the seminars or the TLB project, and those who would like to have more information on the TLB, may contact jens.braarvig--at--ikos.uio.no. Any comments and corrections are also very much welcomed. Relevant lexical resources: Monier Monier-Williams: A Sanskrit-English Dictionary [http://jfunderburk3.com/Cologne/monier/]; Digital Dictionary of Buddhism [DDB http://www.buddhism-dict.net/ddb/]; Thesaurus Linguae Sericae [TLS http://tls.uni-hd.de/home_en.lasso]. Textual resources: Daizokyo Database [http://21dzk.l.u-tokyo.ac.jp/SAT/database_en.html]; CBETA [Chinese Buddhist Electronic Text Association http://www.cbeta.org/index.htm]; Goettingen Register of Electronic Texts [GRETIL http://www.sub.uni-goettingen.de/ebene_1/fiindolo/gretil.htm- ed.]."

Site contents:
* Abhidharmakosa;
* Aksayamatinirdesa;
* Bodhicarysvatsra;
* Kasyapaparivarta;
* Ratnavali;
* Ratnagotravibhaga;
* Vajracchedika Prajnaparamita;
* Vigrahavyavartani;
* Vimalakirtinirdesa;
* Abbreviations;
* Bibliography;
* Authors, translators, editors and other contributors.

URL https://www2.hf.uio.no/polyglotta/index.php?page=library&library=TLB

Internet Archive (web.archive.org) [the site was not archived at the time of this abstract]

Link reported by: Jens Braarvig (j.e.braarvig--at--ikos.uio.no)

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