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16 February 2010

British Association for Cemeteries in South Asia (BACSA)


16 Feb 2010

British Association for Cemeteries in South Asia, Langley, UK

"BACSA, the British Association for Cemeteries in South Asia, was set up in 1976 to care for, and to record European cemeteries wherever the East India Company set foot. It is estimated that some two million European men, women and children are buried in the Indian subcontinent alone.
Our aim is to make positive interventions in areas where there is a strong local base of people willing to restore European cemeteries, with financial aid from BACSA. It is only by the impetus for restoration coming from the local community that there a chance that the old cemeteries will survive, and not relapse back into ruin and desolation in a few more years.
On this site you will find details of the aims of the Association; examples of the preservation work which BACSA has supported; a list of cemetery monumental transcriptions published by BACSA; publications by BACSA members; and details of the BACSA archive which has been built up over the past 26 years to form a unique record of over 1,300 cemeteries based on official sources with inscriptions and photographs."

Site contents:
* About BACSA;
* BACSA Projects;
* BACSA Search (# Quick Search, # Find a Person, # Advanced Search # Browse Records: 1. Cemetery files and registers, 2. Cemetery Book Indexes, 3. Index to Memorial Inscriptions outside Asia, 4. Cemetery and Memorial Photographs, 6. Reference materials);
* Cemetery Records (# The BACSA Archives ["olders on the majority of the European cemeteries in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and some information on European cemeteries in places ranging from the Middle East to Afghanistan, Indonesia, Malaysia and China."], # [A bibliography of] Published sources) ;
* Publications ["a series of paperback books about the lives of European in South Asia written by BACSA members."], including: # An American Memsahib in India: The Letters and Diaries of Irene Mott Bose: 1920-1951 - Edited by Dr Patricia Owens, 2006; # Bombay Buccaneers: Memories and Reminiscences of the Royal Indian Navy: 1927-1947 - Edited by Commander Jack Hastings, 1986; # The British Residency in Hyderabad - Omar Khalidi, 2005; # The Calcutta of Begum Johnson - Ivor Edwards-Stuart, 1990; # "Hellfire Jack!" VC: General Sir William Olpherts 1822-1902 - Peter Collister, 1989; # The Kashmir Residency -- Memories of 1939 and 1940 - Evelyn Desiree Battye, 1997; # Memoirs of an Adventurous Dane in India: 1904-1947 - August Peter Hansen, 1999; # "Missy Baba" to "Burra Mem": The Life of a Planter's Daughter in Northern India: 1913-1970 - Joan Allen, 1998; # A Railway Family in India - Patrick Hugh Stevenage, 2001; # Under Malabar Hill: Letters from India: 1928-1933 - Maisie Wright, 1988; # Who Was Dr Jackson? Two Calcutta Families: 1830-1855 - Mary Bennett, 2002];
* Order Publications;
* Membership;
* Links;
* Contact Us.

[See also the related website of The Families In British India Society (FIBIS) at http://www.fibis.org/ - ed.]

URL http://www.bacsa.org.uk/

Internet Archive http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://www.bacsa.org.uk/

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