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24 March 2010

Sanskrit Manuscripts at the PENN [University of Pennsylvania] Library


24 Mar 2010

University of Pennsylvania Library, Philadelphia, PA, US.

" Sanskrit Manuscripts at the PENN Library - The University of Pennsylvania holds the largest number of South Asian manuscripts in North America. See the following page [The Penniman-Gribbel Collection of Sanskrit Manuscripts http://oldsite.library.upenn.edu/vanpelt/collections/sasia/sktmss.htm - ed.] for a short description of the collection. Also go to manuscript list page [Listings of Indic Manuscripts at PENN - http://oldsite.library.upenn.edu/etext/sasia/skt-mss/mssdata/index.html - ed.] to see which manuscripts we have made electronically available.
Electronic Indic Manuscripts - A number of manuscripts from the collection are now available in electronic format at this site. We are always adding new items from the collection to this site, so check here regularly. [...] Manuscripts are classified according to the Census of Poleman below. For each entry there is a title, Poleman No. and UPENN No. [...] Each manuscript has its own descriptive page [With the following fields: Title; Manuscript Numbers; Author; Subject Matter; Script; Manuscript date; Number of folios; Number of lines; Manuscript material; Manuscript dimensions; Manuscript condition; Name of scribe; General comments; Name of cataloger; Date cataloged; Description from Poleman; Notes - ed.]. Each "page" is a folio image. Images of manuscript are scanned with 75dpi resolution unless otherwise noted."

Site contents:
* Table of the electronic Indic manuscripts (Fields of the table listing 32 digitised (as of March 2010) manuscripts: [MS] Major Division, [MS] Subdivision, Title [and an electronic link to JPG images of the manuscript], Poleman No., PENN No., MS date (AD));
* List of Indic Manuscripts at the University of Pennsylvania Library;
* Glossary of terms used in the Sanskrit Manuscripts section.

URL http://oldsite.library.upenn.edu/etext/sasia/skt-mss/

Internet Archive (web.archive.org) [the site was not archived at the time of this abstract. Access to the site has been blocked by the site owner via robots.txt - ed.]

Link reported by: T. Matthew Ciolek (tmciolek--at--coombs.anu.edu.au)

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