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12 June 2010

Jurnal Skrin Malaysia [Screen (Film, TV, Theatre) in Malaysia E-journal]

15 Jun 2010

Faculty of Artistic & Creative Technology, Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM), Malaysia.

Supplied note:
"Hi, I am Maszalida from Faculty of Artistic & Creative Technology, UiTM Malaysia. We have produced 10 volumes of Jurnal Skrin [ISSN: 1823-1020 - ed.], the only journal on Screen (Film, TV, Theatre) in Malaysia. Contributors include David Hanan. Is there a possibility for us to list it in your online Journal [...]?
Thank you, Maszalida Hamzah, Lecturer, Screen Studies."
Site contents:
* 1 SKRIN: Volume 5 Issue 2 Jul 2008 ([freely downloadable articles in PDF format - ed.] # Questioning the Myths of Origin: Amir Muhammad's Historical Film about the Communist Party of Malaya and Malaysian Independence; # Malaysian Tamils and Transnational Tamil Cinema: Diasporic Identities, 'Crisis Heterotopia' and 'Aura'; # The Ascension of a Photo-poet: Garin Nugroho's Quest for Beauty; # Moments of Renewal -- Alternative Ways of Viewing Indonesian Cinema; # Wayang Hatta Azad Khan: Hadiah Sejati untuk Seniman Rakyat);
* 2 SKRIN: Volume 5 Issue 1 Jan 2008 (# The Blurring Dots between Illusion and Reality in Film: A Metamorphosis; # Cinemasophia in John de Rantau's Denias: Senandung di Atas Awan; # Exploring 'Chinese' Art Film Aesthetic Influences on Independent Chinese Malaysian Filmmakers; # Winning Hearts and Minds: Representations of the Malay in the Films of British Malaya; # Theorizing the 'Indies:' The Market Place, Ideology and the New Malaysian Cinema);
* 3 SKRIN: Volume 4 Issue 2 Jul 2007 (# Pengisian Budaya dalam Filem Melayu; # The Search for a National Cinema; # Transforming the 'Mainstream:' Gol & Gincu; # Understanding & Inculcating Qualitative Audience Analysis Research in Malaysian Screen Industry; # Film Funding and National Cinema at Home: Learning from the Aussies );
* 4 SKRIN: Volume 4 Issue 1 Jan 2007 (# Does Film Obey the Laws of the Mind? -- Munsterberg, Cognitivism and the Films of Hussain Haniff; # Estetik Skrin dalam Sinografi: Satu Catatan terhadap Pementasan Teater Muzikal Jati; # Gandhi and Sardar: The Ironman of India -- Problems in the Representation of History in Historical Epics; # Narrative Form of European Art Cinema: The Case of The Double Life of Veronique (1991) and Antonia's Line (1995); # Pemasaran Filem di Malaysia: Konsep Produk, Segmentation dan Positioning dalam Filemf);
* 5 SKRIN: Volume 3 Issue 2 Jul 2006 (# The Road Home: Penungguan dari Warna Hati, Emosi dan Persekitaran Politik Seorang Wanita dalam Sinematografi dan Pengarahan Zhang Yimou; # Sepet: Sisi Semantik, Sisi Sinematik; # Apakah Filem di Malaysia Memerlukan Falsafah? -- Beberapa Permasalahan dalam Pemikiran, Pengajian, Penyelidikan dan Pendidikan Perfileman; # Merleau-Ponty, Godard, Sobchack and the Spatial Aesthetics of Rashomon; # Film Review Wong Kar-wai's 2046);
* 6 SKRIN: Volume 3 Issue 1 Jan 2006 (# The Globalization of Malaysian Cinema: A Study on Feminism as a Construction of Urban Culture in Gol & Gincu; # Malaysian National Cinema: An Identity Crisis?; # Mata Rabun tapi Hati Celik: An Appreciation of Yasmin; # The Construction of Cultural Identity: Malaysian Indian Youth Reading the Indian Tamil Television Serial, Chittia; # Filem Buai Laju-laju Arahan U-Wei Haji Saari: Satu Analisis Semiotik);
* 7 SKRIN: Volume 2 Issue 2 Jul 2005 (# From Heartbroken Wives to Working Mothers: The Malay Melodrama of the Early 1980s; # The Costruction of Cultural Identity: Malaysian Indian Youth Reading the Indian Tamil Television Serial, Chitthia; # From Mousedeer to Mouse: Malaysian Animation at the Crossroads; # Global City: Malay Motion Pictures, Mambang Moden and the Contested Terrains of Singapore History; # Emotional Engagement in Feature Film Storytelling: Reframing the Classical Three-Act Structure);
* 8 SKRIN: Volume 2 Issue 1 Jan 2005 (# Audien: Konsep, Teori, Penggunaan dan Kepuasan; # Between Pontianak and "Psycho Slasher": Reading the Paradox of Horror in Contemporary Malaysian Cinema; # Epic Films: Defining and Comprehending Historical Representations; # Nilai Kehakiman dalam Kritikan Filem Komedi; # Zizek's The Fright of Real Tears: Theory, Post-Theory and Kieslowski);
* 9 SKRIN: Volume 1 Issue 2 Jul 2004 (# Auteurism and Beyond; # Feminisme dalam Filem Melayu Kontemporari; # The Fundamentals and Pedagogy of Malaysian Animation; # Pasrah and KL Menjerit: The Rhetoric of Tears in Men-Women Relationship; # Mata Rabun tapi Hati Celik: An Appreciation of Yasmin Ahmad's Rabun);
* 10 SKRIN: Volume 1 Issue 1 Jan 2004 (# Penerbitan Filem Dokumentari: Satu Tinjauan TerhadapPerkembangan Sejarah dan Teknologi; # Metaphors of "The Female" in Malay Movies; # Persoalan Ontologi dan Epistemologi dalam Teks Dokumentari; # Penilaian Semula Status "Industri" Perfileman di Malaysia; # Genre and Pleasure: The Case of Malay(sian) Romantic Comedy).

URL http://rmi.uitm.edu.my/index.php?option=com_content&view=category&id=57&Itemid=125

Internet Archive (web.archive.org) [the site was not archived at the time of this abstract]

Link reported by: Hamzah Maszalida (maszalida_hamzah--at--yahoo.com)

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