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25 July 2010

Indian Railways Fan Club (IRFCA)

25 Jul 2010

IRFCA, Teaneck, NJ, USA

"Explore our site [est. 1999 - ed.] and learn about Indian Railways, read trip reports, and view our picture gallery! Read articles, browse technical documents about IR and report locomotive sightings! IRFCA is a mailing list for discussing all aspects of railways in India. Learn more about IRFCA. If you want to talk about trains in India, their history, their operational or technical details, steam in India, or if you want to share and enjoy railway travelogues, see members' web pages and photo collections, or check the latest news about trains in India, we invite you to join us. [...] Note: This site is not officially affiliated with Indian Railways! The official web site of Indian Railways is: http://www.indianrailways.gov.in"

Site contents:
* About Indian Railways [FAQs on Indian Railways] (# Locomotives, # Multiple Units & Others, # Signalling, # Rolling Stock, # Electric Traction, # Train Numbers, # Railway Zones, # Maps [IR route map, Suburban sections, Historical maps, Rail temperature zones], # Loco Sheds, Workshops, and Goods Yards, # Production Units, # History of IR [Early days : 1832 - 1869, 1870 - 1899, Pre independence : 1900 - 1947, Post independence : 1947 - 1970, Modern times : 1970 - 1995, 1995 - 1999, 2000 to the present], # Researching IR [Journals, Family history], # Jargon, # Gauges in India [Common gauges used, Mixed gauges], # Museums [NRM, Delhi, Mysore rail museum], # Games, # Odds and Ends, # Sources, # Books and Other Publications [Books, Locomotives, Travelogues, History, More books, Book stores, Journals and periodicals, Timetables, Videos, Maps and Atlases], # Locomotive Specifications, # Steam In India, # Railway Operations, # Freight Trains, # Permanent Way, # Train Names, # International Connections [South Asia, China and south east Asia, Iran and Afghanistan], # Railway Stations [Details of stations, Station code lists, Names to codes, Codes to names], # Liveries, # Famous Trains [Palace on Wheels, Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, Nilgiri Mountain Railway, More...], # Suburban and Transit Systems [Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, More...], # Acronyms, # Modelling IR Trains, # Travelling by Train in India [Online timetables, IndRail passes], # Railfanning, # Trivia, # Organizations and Groups, # Non-IR Railways);
* Trip reports,;
* Picture gallery;
* Articles (Articles by IRFCA members, Trip reports and Travelogues, Newspaper and periodical articles, Articles from the FNRM and ISRS, Steam and Heritage news bulletins);
* Technical documents (# Railway Maps, # Articles, # Train numbers, Place names, etc., # Technical: Rake Link, Brakes, etc., # Locomotive fleet lists, shed holdings, allocations, production, # Statistical information, # Railfanning, # Foreign, # History, # South Asian Industrial Locos, # Preserved locos, etc., # Miscellaneous documents, # Rule Book);
* About trains in India & their history [1832-present];
* Members' web pages and photo collections [over 7,000 members in Aug 2009 - ed.];
Join the IRFCA Mailing List;
* The IRFCA Locomotive Database;
* About IRFCA;
* Contact Us;
* Search this site;
* Site Map;
* Links (# IRFCA links, # IR Link collections, # Pictures, videos, sound files, # IR Heritage and Steam, # IR Modelling, # Official IR web sites, # Timetables, travel, # Maps, # Mailing lists and newsgroups, # General (non-IR) railway information, # Additional Links);
* Acknowledgements.

URL http://irfca.org/

Internet Archive http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://irfca.org/

Link reported by: Hari Venkatesan (hari.venkatesan--at--gmail.com), forwarded by h-asia--at--h-net.msu.edu

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