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21 June 2010

The Anthropology of the Mentawai Islands [West Sumatra, Indonesia]

21 Jun 2010

www.mentawai.org, Drums, PA, USA

"This website [by Glenn Reeves, est. 2000 & last updated in 2009 - ed.] is dedicated to the academic study of the Mentawai Islands. Whilst this specific focus (academic; anthropology) may have the effect of marginalising a proportion of its potential audience it is, nonetheless, intended to be a focal point, or a point of departure, for all those with an interest in the region. It is being offered as a counterpoint to the variety of internet sites that currently exist having the Mentawai islands as their subject matter, and which largely present superficial and misleading images of the nature of the social and cultural beliefs and practices of the indigenous inhabitants."

Site contents:
* Search this site;
* Website Rationale;
* General Information & Preliminary Issues
* Miscellaneous Articles (# A Very Brief History and Prehistory of the Mentawai Islands # History and 'Mentawai': Colonialism, Scholarship, and Identity in the Rereiket, West Indonesia. # Local Places, Non-Local Imaginings: Culture, Politics and Imagination in the 'Mentawais' # Small-scale Capitalism and Development in the Mentawais # Mentawai in Global Context (1): Beaches, Travellers, and Vague Boundaries: Developing Glocal Perspectives on the Mentawai Islands # Mentawai in Global Context (2): Globalization, Regional Autonomy, and the Innervation of Local Political Process in the Mentawai Islands # Spaces of Life; Spaces of Death: Towards an Ethnography of the Austronesian House # Bibliography of Resources);
* Ethnographic Particulars (1. Introduction and Acknowledgments, 2. Theoretical Perspective, 3. Village, Cosmos, People, 4. House and Heirlooms, 5. The Suku ('descent' groups): profiles and interrelations, 6. The Suku: Identity, Origins and other matters, 7. Entities of Life; Entities of Death, 8. The Puliaijat, References Cited in Ethnographic Particulars, Glossary of Terms);
* Mentawai Journal [fieldnotes 1990-2000 by Glenn Reeves] (# Barnabus and the Evangelists, # The Death of Taptapmanai, # Sigobai and Akbar Get Out and About, # The Village Head, # The Foreign Tourist, the Harassed Guide, the Difficult Hosts, a Sikerei in Search of Some Shavings, and a Church Service, # Two Parents and Several Children, # From Single to Couple, # Borongan: Wells, a Wharf, Chainsaws, a Mosque, Roads...and Money, # Family Planning: State Power and Qualified Local Resistance Madobag, Matotonan, Ugai: Nov/Dec 2000, # Padang-Sipora Dec 2000);
* Local Movements Towards Autonomy (# Strengthening the Community's Position, # Autonomy Rakyat dan Otonomi Daerah/Regional Autonomy and Community Autonomy);
* Puailiggoubat: Media Informasi dan Pemberdayaan Masyarakat Mentawai (# Editorials: 2001 Archive, # Articles: 2001 Archive, Menghindari Calon Tikus/Avoiding Dodgy Candidates);
* Surf Tourism (1. Managing the Mentawais: An Examination of Sustainable Tourism Mananagement and the Surfing Tourism Industry in the Mentawai Archipelago, Indonesia - by Jess Ponting, 2. Small-scale capitalism and development in the Mentawais: some thoughts and footnotes to Jess Ponting's 'Managing the Mentawais', 3. 'The Mentawai Bupati, MWB, Vaninda, and Foreign Investment' - by D. Rimata, 4. 'PT.MWB's Management of Surf Tourism' - by D. Rimata, 5. The Mentawai Health Project (MHP));
* Miscellaneous Resources [links].

URL http://www.mentawai.org/

Internet Archive http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://www.mentawai.org/

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