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19 June 2010

The European Azerbaijan Society (TEAS)

19 Jun 2010

The European Azerbaijan Society (TEAS), London, UK

"The European Azerbaijan Society (TEAS) was launched in November 2008, having been initially established four years earlier as the London Azerbaijan Society. Its objective is to promote Azerbaijan to international audiences and create a sense of community for expatriate Azeris.
There are hundreds of TEAS members, and the Society regularly organises Azeri events across Europe in order to raise awareness of the unique, rich and varied culture of the region. TEAS also operates as a networking forum, focusing on areas such as business development, diplomatic relations, culture and education to promote greater understanding and co-operation between Europe and Azerbaijan."

Site contents:
* The Society;
* Membership;
* Projects (Caspian Khazari - School, Caspian Khazari - Buta Dance Group, Film - 'Mugham Comes to Montana');
* Events (Recent Events, Past Events, Upcoming Events, Image Library);
* Publications (Monthly publications since Feb 2009, PDF format:
# Newsletter Library,
# Business Bulletin Library,
# Economic Report Library,
# Corporate Profiles,
# External Public Communications [Nagorno Karabakh: Historical Background, Current Phase, Ineffectual International Response, Current Situation and Resolution Proposals (284kb, PDF); The Role of Azerbaijan in the Caucasus (144kb, PDF); Political Structure of Azerbaijan (244kb, PDF); Azerbaijan and the EU - A True Eastern Partnership (156kb, PDF); Azerbaijan and Energy - The Preferred Partner of the EU? (488kb, PDF); The Mountain Jews of Azerbaijan - A Preserved Way of Life (172kb, PDF); European Dependence on Natural Gas - The Case for Nabucco (274kb, PDF); Azerbaijan embraces the green revolution (296kb, PDF); Helenendorf - Germany in the Heart of Azerbaijan (128kb, PDF); Nizami Ganjavi: Azerbaijan's Greatest Poet (580kb, PDF); Iran & Russia: The Strategic Alliance with Armenia (252kb, PDF); Financial Aid to Armenia and Azerbaijan - An Unequal Relationship (272kb, PDF); The Impact of the Georgian-Russian War on Azerbaijan (388kb, PDF); The Armenian Diaspora Influence on International Relations (248kb, PDF); Turkish-Armenian Thaw Takes a U-Turn (244kb, PDF); Azerbaijan and the UK - 'The Special Relationship' (132Kb PDF); The Minsk Group - Time for a Change? (352kb PDF); Azerbaijan & Human Rights - Western Double Standards? (240kb PDF); History of Azerbaijan - Land of Fire (124kb PDF); Cultural Tolerance and Religion in Azerbaijan - Muslims, Jews, Christians; Together in Harmony (140kb); Military Armaments and Troops in Nagorno-Karabakh - Armenia's Continual Contravention of the Tashkent Agreement (256kb PDF); Caucasian Albanians - The Heritage of Azerbaijan (140kb PDF)],
# Books [via amazon.com - Khojaly Tragedy: An International View; International Visions: Armenia-Azerbaijan Conflict Over Karabakh; The People the World Forgot ? Visions of the Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict],
# 'Visions of Azerbaijan' quarterly [subscription details],
# Pamphlets, # Brochures)
* Azerbaijan;
* Nagorno-Karabakh;
* Culture (Cinema, Literature, Music, National cusine);
* Corporate;
* Press / Media;
* Community (Diaspora, Facebook);
* International (TEAS Germany, TEAS Brussels, TEAS France);
* Recruitment Services;
* Campaigns;
* Contact;
* Terms and Conditions;
* Latest News;
* Members' login.

URL https://www.t-e-a-s.eu/the-european-azerbaijan-society.html

Internet Archive (web.archive.org) [the site was not archived at the time of this abstract]

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