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06 February 2005



Confucius2000, ?China

Supplied note:
"Language: Chinese (GB). 'The most highly trafficked Chinese site on Confucianism. Hundreds of articles by contemporary Chinese scholars on a wide variety of topics, updated daily' [cited from ConfuciusStudies.com, accessed 5 Feb 2005].
The site also includes a very powerful search facility able to search either the complete site or only certain parts. An extra search facility with predefined search terms (mostly names of scholars such as Qian Mu etc.) is also available. - hl."

Site contents:
(1) ø×ײ Confucius; (2) »Âº³ Confucianism; (3) µ¿º³ Taoism; (4) ³Ï²Ú÷ÆŠ˜ Voices from East and West; (5) ‹ß ž‡Á Scholarship; (6) Àº …‹' ´; (7) ‘Ÿ¦×× ¡¦ Sources; (8) ¬‡ÃªØ¬¤Ã„ Discussion board; (9) ‹ß»À‘ŸºØ Articles by scholars; (10) ‹ß žŽøØ Journals; (11) Øè²Î ‰¦¢ State of the field; (12) ¼´½Ê¿½ News; (13) «Âª¥Û‹ßºÚ¾Ø‹ æø Tsinghua University research on ancient bamboo and silk documents; (14) ÷г׋ æø Research on the Yijing; (15) 悵”‡Ã²›¥Ûº³Ã½ Discussion forum on education on the Classics; (16) Š¤²†‹ æø Research on Shao Yong; (17) ¼™‹ß‘ƒ‘ Classical Chinese Studies FAQ; (18) ÷Óײƒº³‹ æø Research on the philosophical schools of the Zhou Dynasty; (19) '‰'ÿÏٲΆ·«œ È'† The shrine of Zhang Zai and his academy; (20) «È½ ²Î'›³Â - ¬×¿Ì²Î…®¬Š Emotion and Righteousness - Ethics and Law; (21) »Â‹ß²Î׎‡Ã‘ Ã’'˜ˆ˜ Confucianism and Religion; (22) …•‹ß‹ æø Buddhism; (23) »'±æ»Â‹ß Confucianism in Japan; (24) œ Æ ¿ºÕ÷ ¼™Àº„± Trends of thought in 20th Century China; (25) ´‹ÛŠÁª·Àº¦Î‹ßª· Society of East Asian Philosophy (Korea); (26) ‘'›'²Îµ¿µ¬‹ßŠÁ Duan Zhengyuan and the Society of Ethics; (27) é÷ð‹ß‰Š School of Taizhou; (28) „Ã'ƒ²Î¡‡„ÃÏÙ Park and shrine of Cheng Hao and Cheng Yi; (29) Site search.


Internet Archive

Link reported by:
Rudolf Wagner, Institute of Chinese Studies, Heidelberg University, Germany, forwarded by Hanno E. Lecher / Internet Guide for ChinaStudies (h.e.lecher@let.leidenuniv.nl)

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