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07 September 2005

British Intelligence on Russia in Central Asia


IDC Publishers, Leiden, the Netherlands

Self description:
"There is enormous interest today in the history, geopolitics and boundaries of the former Soviet Central Asian republics. Covering a vast area from the Caucasus to the Western border of China, the new states of Central Asia (Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kirgistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan) are a focus of international attention.
In the nineteenth century the region was at the crossroads of war and commerce between Europe and Asia and it was of particular interest to the British imperial rulers of India, engaged in the so-called 'Great Game' for control of the relative balance of power and influence in the buffer states between the British and Russian empires.

This collection will not attempt to reproduce the overwhelming details of the various military campaigns on the frontiers but will present the intelligence gathered by the India Office on the political, economic, strategic and social history of the territories. It will include, for example: Handbooks, Route Books, Military Reports, Gazetteers and Who's Who India Office departmental memoranda on the Central Asian question, political developments in Central Asia etc Michell's Russian Abstracts and Memoirs (printed reports and extracts from Russian newspapers and other publications covering the period 1869-1883 and translated into English by Robert Michell, Russian Interpreter to the Political Department - newspapers include Moscow Gazette, St Petersburg Gazette, Golos, Turkestan Gazette, Novoye Vremia) Foreign Office confidential printed correspondence respecting the affairs of Central Asia, 1899-1913 India Office Political and Secret subject files and collections, 1904-1950

Some examples of individual items are as follows: Historical Summary of the Central Asian question, India Office, 1874, with map of the successive Russian acquisitions in Asia and map of part of Central Asia showing the principal communications Memorandum respecting the Central Asian boundary negotiations, Foreign Office, 1893 Political Department subject file on travellers in Russian Central Asia, 1904-1910 Political developments in Russian Central Asia since the Revolution, Foreign Office Political Intelligence Department, 1918 Routes in Russian Central Asia, Simla, General Staff, 1922-1924 Military report on Soviet Turkestan, Simla, General Staff, 1929 Who's Who in Central Asia, Simla, General Staff India, 1929 Political Department subject file on Central Asia, affairs in and reports on, extension of Soviet influence, Oct 1924-Oct 1937 includes: absorption of Republic of Bokhara into Union of Soviet Republics, 1924; Soviet aims in Persia; Soviet policy in connection with redistribution of territories; change of Khirgiz Republic to Khirgistan; absorption of Turkomanistan and Uzbekistan into Soviet Union, 1925; ethnographic and economic conditions; report on military organisation of the Republic of Tajikistan; confidential report by Foreign Office Eastern Department on Russian expansion into Asia, 1926; Soviet representation in Mongolia. Also includes: map 'illustrating recent extension of Soviet influence in Central Asia' showing boundaries defined by declarations, probable limits of projected expansion and territorial encroachments; map showing distribution of principal nationalities in Central Asia; economic map of Uzbek and Tadjik Soviet Socialist Republics Reports on Russian Turkestan including Russian military posts, Jan 1925-Sep 1936 includes: Bolshevik propaganda in Central Asia; resume of events in Soviet Turkestan; report on military garrisons, roads and railways; report on internal situation; report on Sino-Russian frontier Soviet policy in Central Asia: organisation of Central Asia intelligence system; propaganda, etc, in regard to the USSR, Sep 1939-Nov 1942 "

A site promoting the latest batch of microfilms and microfiches from IDC Publishers - ed.


Internet Archive (web.archive.org)
the site was not archived at the time of this abstract - ed.

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Willemijn Lindhout (wlinhout@idc.nl)

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