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28 April 2006

The '1421' Myth exposed: Chinese admiral Zheng He did not discover the world in 1421


24 Apr 2006

www.1421exposed.com, Singapore

Supplied note:
"Dear H-Asia Listers, As has probably been apparent to some on the list, a number of persons around the globe have become a trifle upset with the fabrications of Mr. Gavin Menzies, his publishers and his co-conspirators. Rather than rebutting each claim repeatedly and diversely, it has been decided to create a website where rebuttals and criticisms can be mounted alongside the original claims. Persons interested in the issues can then access these at will.

The new website can be found at: [at the URL below] and http://www.1421exposed.tv/

I urge anyone who has applied their scholarship to the 1421 issue, the associated Liu Gang fake 1418/1763 map or the upcoming 'Island of Seven Cities' volume to share their findings on the website. If anyone has any queries on the site or aspects of it, please do let me know. Best wishes, Geoff Wade, National University of Singapore (arigpw--at--nus.edu.sg)

"The http://www.1421exposed.com and http://www.1421exposed.tv joint websites have been set up by an international group of academics and researchers who are greatly concerned about the myths being created and perpetuated by Gavin Menzies, his group and his publishers. In his book '1421: The Year China Discovered the World' Menzies claimed Chinese admiral Zheng He had circumnavigated the globe, in the process 'discovering' most of the world. Subsequent media coverage has failed to accurately present to the public the large body of evidence that Menzies' claim is a fabrication, without any basis in fact. The purpose of this website is to present that evidence, and ensure that history is not rewritten by publishers more interested in short-sighted marketing campaigns that ensure their financial security, rather than intellectual integrity and public enlightenment."

Site contents:
* About; * 1421 Myth (News, Useful links, Expert comment); *1763 Map (Liu Gang - owner of the 1763 Map, Useful links, Expert comment); * New Myths ('Island of Seven Cities' [a fortcoming, in May 2006, book by Paul Chiasson who claims that a large Chinese colony existed and thrived in Nova Scotia, Canada well before the European Age of Discovery - ed.], Expert comment); * Menzies (Menzies' Circus, Expert comment); Zheng He (Some Sources for the Zheng He Voyages - Original Sources, Academic Studies, Popular Media representations); * Media; * Contacts; * Links; * Petition ("it is proposed that a petition be created requesting that public libraries and other repositories of public knowledge re-classify '1421' as fiction, in the same vein as the 'Da Vinci Code' is so classified"); * Contribute (Evidence? Expertise? Analysis?); * Discussion [rules and subscription details of the '1421exposed --at--1421exposed.com' mailing list - ed.]

[Menzies' book '1421: The Year China Discovered America' is discussed and evaluated in a Wikipedia article at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1421_hypothesis address - ed.]


Internet Archive (web.archive.org)
[The site was not archived at the time of this abstract]

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Geoff Wade (arigpw--at--nus.edu.sg), forwarded by h-asia--at--h-net.msu.edu

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