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07 November 2006

Kyoto Review of Southeast Asia - e-journal


06 Nov 2006

Center for Southeast Asian Studies (CSEAS), University of Kyoto, Kyoto, Japan.

Supplied note: "We are happy to announce a new issue of the Kyoto Review of Southeast Asia [est. Mar 2002 - ed.] on a new website: [at the URL below].
This issue features a collaboration with guest editor Alexander Horstmann of the Institute of Ethnology, University of Munster, who has assembled a diverse group of scholars to write about the anthropology of borderlands in Southeast Asia.

We are happy to introduce our new website [formerly at http://kyotoreview.cseas.kyoto-u.ac.jp/ - ed.] with this issue, as it allows us to post the photographs accompanying two of our feature articles (on the Burma-Bangladesh border and southern Thailand), as well as a photo album about cash crops in the northern mountain region of Vietnam. The site also includes audio and video streaming, which we will use to disseminate conferences, discussions, and interviews. In this issue, we are posting a 1985 recording of the late Southeast Asia scholar and Cornell University professor George Kahin interviewing Ferdinand Marcos six months before he fell from power.

Notwithstanding these innovations, text remains the primary mode of intellectual discourse and we remain committed to its translation. Therefore, we are pleased that our new site is textually dynamic, both in scrolling through an individual text and in shifting between languages. [...] - pna."

Site contents: * Review Essays; * Features; * Book Reviews * Research and Reports; * Editorial; * Reprints; * Interviews; * Album; * Blog, * Contact us.

[The new web site is published in a mix of HTML and user-unfriendly Flash - ed.]

URL http://kyotoreviewsea.org/

Internet Archive (www.archive.org) [the site was not archived at the time of this note]

Link reported by: Patricio N. Abinales (abinales--at--gmail.com), forwarded by H-Net Discussion List on History and Study of Southeast Asia (h-seasia--at--h-net.msu.edu)

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