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08 December 2006

Thomas H. Hahn Docu-Images - Contemporary Transformations of China


07 Dec 2006

Thomas H. Hahn Docu-Images, Ithaca, NY, US

"The galleries on display here belong to the category of documentary photography. The main subject area is China and that country's rather rapid transformation from a rural to an urban-centered society. Taken together, these galleries constitute a visual archive that for the most part is meant to capture and to preserve information (or 'evidence of certain developments' perhaps). Only sometimes are these photographs suggestive or interpretive. [...]
As of October 2006, specific themes prevalent in these galleries are: 1. Chinese modern art; 2. Urbanization and architecture (both historical and modern); 3. Daoist and/or Buddhist mountains, monasteries and 'theme parks'; 4. The city of Tianjin (formerly known as Tientsin); 5. Views of the cities Fuzhou and Yangzhou. 6. Impressions of Tibet (scanned photographs from my visit in 1986)."

Site contents:
* China Urban Planning materials [http://hahn.zenfolio.com/f64817197/] Beijing Urban Planning Exhibition Hall 30 photos; Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall 76 photos; Tianjin Urban Planning Exhibition Hall 47 photos; Chinese new Baroque architecture 38 photos; Yangzhou Urban Planning and history 16 photos; Yangzhou at night 60 photos; Grand Canal in Hangzhou 1 43 photos; Grand Canal in Hangzhou 2 33 photos; Contrasts 8 photos; Yangzhou Martyr Memorial 9 photos; The new/old Gongwangfu 64 photos; Suzhou in b/w 7 photos.

* Contemporary Chinese art (including Factory 798) [http://hahn.zenfolio.com/f439644451/] Factory 798 - exhibits & works 221 photos; 798 - halls, buildings, general views 100 photos; 798 - posters, signs, texts 49 photos; 798 - grass and green spaces 6 photos; The Wall - Exhibit @ Millenium Museum/Beijing 49 photos; Shanghai nightlife 9 photos; Hyper-Design Biennale Shanghai 2006 50 photos; Red Gate Gallery (Watchtower) 35 photos; New Panda art 9 photos.

* Tibetan lands and people [http://hahn.zenfolio.com/f471758385/] Roadtrip in western Sichuan 146 photos; Getting to Ganden/Tibet 34 photos; Jokhang in Lhasa/Tibet 34 photos; More encounters (in Tibet) 50 photos; Potala Palace/Lhasa-Tibet 1986 45 photos.

as well as other photographic materials, including: * Xianying Gong, Changle county, Fujian Province 29 photos; * Buddhist theme park I: Lingshan near Wuxi 35 photos; * Beijing Capital Museum 59 photos; * Buddhist theme park II: Nanshan near Sanya 27 photos; * The Welch files 382 photos [a section dealing with work and life of Holmes Hinkley Welch (1921-1981), password protected - ed.]; * Tianjin impressions 214 photos; * Scenes from Fuzhou 150 photos; * Encounters 41 photos; * Mountains 164 photos; * The Xixi Wetland near Hangzhou 82 photos; * The History of printing in China 136 photos; * More encounters (in Tibet) 50 photos.

URL http://hahn.zenfolio.com/

Internet Archive (www.archive.org) - [the site was not archived at the time of this abstract. - ed.]

Link reported by: Thomas H. Hahn (th.hahn--at--gmail.com)

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