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22 November 2006

The Center for Buddhist Studies Weblog (CBS Blog)


21 Nov 2006

Center for Buddhist Studies, Columbia University, New York, NY, US

Supplied note:
"The CBS Blog is an online space for news and notes on Buddhist Studies in the Academy. In conjunction with the university seminar on Buddhism, the CBS Blog hosts podcasts and 'minutes' of all meetings. The blog also features writings, information, and digital media on other related events in and around the Metropolitan area.

The following podcasts are now online: LOBSANG RAPGAY, PhD "Going Beyond Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction: New ideas in the theory and practice of Classical Mind- fulness with Integrative Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for GAD" www.cbs.columbia.edu/weblog/2006/11/the_case_for_ti.html *With extended introduction by Dr. Joseph Loizzo MATTHEW KAPSTEIN, MORRIS ROSSABI, ELLIOT SPERLING, & TSERING SHAKYA "The Tibetans" www.cbs.columbia.edu/weblog/2006/11/the_tibetans.html DAVID GRAY "The Illumination of the Hidden Meaning: Tsong Khapa and the Art of Interpretation." www.cbs.columbia.edu/weblog/2006/10/a_new_look.html JOSEPH WALSER "To Publish or Perish:Nagarjuna, Mahayana, and Monastic Law" www.cbs.columbia.edu/weblog/2006/10/to_publish_or_p.html DANIEL DENNETT & ROBERT THURMAN "Breaking the Spell: Religion as a Natural Phenomena" www.cbs.columbia.edu/weblog/2006/02/breaking_the_go.html YAO CHONGXIN (COMING SOON!) Chongshan University, Guantong, PRC "A Reexamination of Northern Qi Buddhist Stone Sculptures of Qingzhou, Shantong.""

"The Center for Buddhist Studies was founded in 1988, under the Religion Department of Columbia University's institutional umbrella, with a grant connected with the Jey Tsong Khapa professorship endowment from the American Institute of Buddhist Studies. Its goal is to support Buddhist Studies at Columbia and foster greater understanding among students and faculty. To that end, the center has launched [in Oct 2005 - ed.] a new multi-media weblog. [...] Contributions (i.e. posts, essays, digital media, etc . . . ) to the CBS Blog are always welcome. Please contact Christopher Kelley (cdk2001--at--columbia.edu) - ck."
Site contents: * Buddhism & Philosophy; * Buddhism & Science; * Buddhism & Technology; * Indian Buddhism; * Indo-Tibetan Buddhism; * Seminar 1999-02; * Seminar 2006-07; * Search;

URL http://www.cbs.columbia.edu/

Internet Archive (web.archive.org) [the site was not archived at the time of this abstract]

Link reported by: Christopher Kelley (cdk2001--at--columbia.edu)

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