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19 January 2007

Asia Reconstructed: Proceedings of the 16th Biennial Conference of the ASAA, 2006, Wollongong, Australia.


19 Jan 2006

Asian Studies Association of Australia (ASAA) Inc. & Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies (RSPAS), ANU, Canberra, Australia.

"Asia Reconstructed: Proceedings of the 16th Biennial Conference of the ASAA, 2006, Wollongong, Australia. ISBN 978-0-9580837-3-7. edited by Vickers, Adrian, and Margaret Hanlon University of Wollongong 2006. Table of Contents: 1. About these Conference proceedings 2. Editorial board 3. Suggested citation format for papers published in this online volume 4. Acknowledgments 5. Peer-reviewed ASAA 2006 Conference papers (PDF format). [...]

The 16th Biennial Conference of the Asian Studies Association of Australia (ASAA), entitled "Asia Reconstructed: from critiques of development to postcolonial studies", was held at the University of Wollongong, Australia from 26 - 29 June 2006. In order to make the information and ideas presented at the conference promptly and widely available, participants in the conference were invited to submit written papers based on their presentations for inclusion in refereed conference proceedings to be published on the Web. Each paper submitted for consideration was peer-reviewed [...]."

Site contents: 78 papers (In PDF format)
* Allender, Tim: Instructing the Women: Changing State Agendas in Colonial India, 1854-1924.; * Alves, Ana Cristina: Emerging Postcolonial Solidarities: China's New Economic Diplomacy Towards Subsaharan Africa.; * Bandyopadhyay, Sekhar: The Communists in post-colonial Bengal, 1948-52: The untold story of 'second' Tebhaga.; * Barker, Thomas: VCD Pornography of Indonesia.; * Bicego, Barbara: ' Hybrid subjectivity in the writing, thought and lived experience of two Australian women in Bali - medical anthropologist, Dr. Barbara Lovric, and author and business woman Janet De Neefe.; * Breyley, Gay: Reconstructing Central Asian Imaginaries: Wedding Music in Iranian Migrant Communities.; * Brown, Colin: The Indonesian National Games of 1951 and 1953: Identity, Ethnicity and Gender.; * Brown, Mark: Before citizenship: Liberalism's colonial subjects.; * Brown, Stephen and Konstantin Sheiko: The Soviet Legacy and Leader Cults in Post-Communist Central Asia: the example of Turkmenistan.; * Burford, Suzanne: An increasing role for the TNI in Indonesian security policy.; * Chalmers, Ian: The Dynamics of Conversion: the Islamisation of the Dayak peoples of Central Kalimantan.; * Chang, Jui-shan: Familism and Modernity amongst Young Chinese: An Exploration into Multiple Modernities.; * Chen, Minglu: Who is the Boss: the Husband or the Wife? An Analysis of Women Entrepreneurs' Roles in Private Enterprise, Jiaocheng County, People's Republic of China.; * Cincotta, Angela: Language Policy and Ethnic Minority Education in Lao PDR: Solidarity and power.; * Claremont,Yasuko: Irizawa Yasuo and his conception of narratives in prose poetry.; * Cottle, Drew and Angela Keys: 'The Dynamite to Bring Down the Old Building'?: The Maoist War in Nepal.; * Cribb, Robert and Li Narangoa: Hiding Borders, Skewing Perspectives and Reversing Time: Possibilities for a new generation of historical atlases.; * Crowley, Cheryl: Kanagaki no shi: Yosa Buson's Haishi.;
* de Matos, Christine: 'The Case of Nikko jiken: Occupation, reform, power and conflict'.; * Donaldson, Mike, Richard Howson, and Pam Nilan: Comparative Masculinities: Why Islamic Indonesian Men are Great Mates and Australian Men are Girls.; * Drakeley, Steven: In Search of Achmad Sukarno.; * Engel, Susan: Where to Neoliberalism? The World Bank and the Post-Washington Consensus in Indonesia and Vietnam.; * Fang, Yew-Jin: Designing Online Listening Comprehension Tasks for Learners of Mandarin Chinese as a Second/Foreign Languag.; * Firdaus: Ideology and Discourses in the Corby case.; * Flutsch, Maria: Murakami Haruki's teenage murderer: a Zizekian View.; * Freedman, Craig and Luke Nottage: The Chicago School of Economics and (Japanese) Law: resisting the Invasion by Stigler and Ramseyer.; * Ganguly-Scrase, Ruchira: Neoliberal Development and its Implications for the Garment Industry and its Workers in India: A case study of West Bengal.; * Genn, Celia: From Chishtiyya Diaspora to Transnational Sufi Movement.; * Hannan, Kate: China: A Low Cost Workshop of the World? Quotas and Policy Choices After the MFA.; * Harada, Yoko: The Occident in the Orient or the Orient in the Occident?: Reception of Said's Orientalism in Japan.; * Hatley, Barbara: Recalling and Re-presenting The 1965/1966 Anti-communist Violence in Indonesia.; * Healey, Madelaine: 'I'm the gal that can do it if they let me': International Nurse Advisers and Notions of Professionalism in Indian Nursing, 1947-1965.; * Hermanns, Heike: The Korean Nationalist Discourse Online An Example of Public Diplomacy in the Internet Era?; * Hossain, Shahadat: Rapid Mass Urbanisation and Its Social Consequences in Bangladesh: The Case of the Megacity of Dhaka.; * Hudson, Chris: Peeling Prawns: Singapore Media and the Recovery of the Asian Feminine.; * Hulsbosch, Marianne: Of Brutes and Brides: Displaying a Distinct Ethnic Identity in a Colonial Contex.;
* Kaur, Amarjit: Managing the Border: Regulation of International Labour Migration and State Policy Responses to Global Governance in Southeast Asia.; * Kitley, Philip: Between the Lines: An Analysis of the Language of Indonesian Reporting of Military Clashes in Aceh.; * Kolesova, Elena: Suterareta - Ko -- 'Thrown Away Kids' : Reflections on Contemporary Japanese Education in the New Zealand Environment.; * Kusumarasdyati: The Use of Movie Videos to Enhance Cross-cultural Understanding.; * Lowrie, Claire: Sold and Stolen: Domestic 'slaves' and the rhetoric of 'protection' in Darwin and Singapore during the 1920s and 1930s.; * Mahony, Inez: Australia and Indonesia: A Neighbour's Perspective.; * Martinez-Julia: The Chinese traders in French Indochina: Partners or rivals?; * Mayer, Peter: The South Asian Arc of Instability: In Search of Explanations.; * Morris, Brian: Un/Wrapping Shibuya: The Changing Texture of Place.; * Nanri, Keizo: Asahi's Fuhenfuto Principle.; * Olle, John: The Campaign against 'Heresy' - State and Society in Negotiation in Indonesia.; * Ooi, Can-Seng: Bounded Creativity and the Push for the Creative Economy in Singapore.; * Otomo, Rio: A Girl with the Amoebic Body and her Writing Machine.; * Paton, Michael: Is Traditional Chinese Medicine Science? What Chinese Scientists Think.; * Quilty, Mary and Elizabeth St. George: [title to be provided].; * Ramzan, Yuko: NSW High School Student's Construction of Democratic Citizenship Through Language Learning: A Case Study of Japanese Language Learning Experience.; * Rosenbaum, Roman: True Survivors: the 'yakeato sedai' in contemporary Japanese literature ? towards a definition.; * Rosenbaum, Roman: Historical Revisionism in contemporary Manga Culture: From Subculture to Mainstream Art.; * Ross, Kaz: Remembering Nanjing: Patriotism and/or Peace in Architecture.; * Rushton, Beth: Volunteers not pay rises: the construction of health sector problems in Cambodia.;
* Sabhlok, Smita G.: Self-help as a Strategy for Women's Development in India.; * Saito, Ritsuko: Getting to know others: An experience of students of Japanese through online chat sessions.; * Sakai, Minako and Elizabeth Morrell: Reconfiguring the region and challenging the State? New socio-economic partnerships in the outer islands of Indonesia.; * Sales, Peter: "If You Can Keep Your Head when All about You are Losing Theirs"! The Role of the Abu Sayyaf Group in the Campaign against Islamic Separatism in Mindanao.; * Scrase, Tim: The 'New' Middle Class in India: A Re-assessment.; * Sharma-Brymer, Vinathe: Educated women's ways of knowing on gender, education and social transformation: Exploring Actionable Space.; * Sharrad, Paul: Re/constructing South Asia.; * Shome, Anthony: A Case Study of Positive Interventionism.; * Sigley, Gary: From 'Jihua' to 'Guihua': A Preliminary Critique of Approaches to Understanding 'Governance' in the Chinese Context.; * Sobocinska, Agnieszka: The Role of the 'Asia-educator' in the Post-War Period: The Case of Frank Clune.; * Southwell-Lee, Meiling: Campus Courtship in China: A View into Modern Marriage Practices and the Reach of the State.;
* Takayashiki, Masahito: Scepticism towards Kotoba (Language): Betsuyaku Minoru and the 'Small Theatre Movement' (Shogekijo Undo) in the 1960s.; * Tann, Ken: Beyond the Dichotomy of Historicism and Instrumentalism: Nihonjinron as Trajectories of Negotiation.; * Thai, Bao Duy: Separate language -- separate identity? The politics of diasporic Vietnamese through code-switching and code mixing.; * Thomson, Elizabeth and Motoki Sano: Mapping the Factual Genres of the Japanese Workplace.; * Tokita, Alison: Kirogi omma and Korean overseas students in Melbourne.; * Tripasai, Pornsawan: Anna Leonowens and Imaginative Colonisation of Thailand.; * Umesh, Rashmi: Economic Reforms and the Less Developed Regions: A Study of Uttar Pradesh in India.; * Wehrli, Angelica: Household Livelihhod Strategies in the Context of Socio-Economic Transformation in Nam Dinh City, Vietnam.; * Williams, Philip: Maoist Thought Remoulding as a Variety of 20-century East Asian Fundamentalism.; * Wright Webster,Tracy: Strategic Communities: The Notion of Keluarga in Indonesia and among Females of Same-Sex Attraction in Yogyakarta.; * Yasumoto, Seiko: The Impact of the 'Korean Wave' on Japan: A case study of the influence of trans-border electronic communication and the trans-national programming industry.


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