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08 May 2007

Classical Historiography for Chinese History


08 May 2007

Program in East Asian Studies, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ, US

Supplied note:
"[The site has been] updated as follows: 1) all entries are alphabetized within each section; 2) the romanization has been switched to Pinyin. Although this website uses Pinyin, it splits up words into phonemes, making Chinese appear to be a monosyllabic language. The Library of Congress has preferred a character-by-character romanization, and thus we follow LOC guidelines. But users of this website should note that the division into words (ci) as opposed to characters (zi) is still the usual basis for the Pinyin romanization of Chinese in China and most libraries there; 3) the entire site is now equipped with a Google internal and global search engine, in addition to the guided Table of Contents. 4) the guided Table of Contents for the Electronic Resources part has been enhanced and reclassified to be intuitively clearer. - bae."

1. Introduction to Classical Chinese Historiography; 2. Relevant Electronic Resources for Chinese Studies; 3. Dictionaries; 4. Selected List Of Bibliographical & Geographical Aids; 5. Biographical Aids; 6. Some Aids For Translating Chinese Official Titles & Institutions; 7. Reference Guide to Classical Book Titles; 8. The Four Parts of the Imperial Library 'Sibu' [...]; 9. Bibliography of Chinese Classics & Literature In Translation With Recent Related Histories; 10. Selected English Bibliography For Chinese Civilization: A Brief Topical and Historical Survey to Ming Times; 11. Sources For The Ming Dynasty; 12. Sources For The Qing Dynasty; 13. Civil and Military Examination Bibliographies; 14. Epigraphy.

[This information system is an official Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library Associate (coombs.anu.edu.au/WWWVL-AsianStudies.html) site. It was originally created at the Wesleyan University, and later on developed at the UCLA (www.sscnet.ucla.edu/history/elman/ClassBib/) address - ed.]

URL http://www.princeton.edu/~classbib/

Internet Archive http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://www.princeton.edu/~classbib/

Link reported by: Benjamin A. Elman (elman--at--princeton.edu)

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