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06 May 2007

Chennai Centre For China Studies


06 May 2007

CCCS, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

"The Chennai Centre for China Studies (CCCS) [est. Mar 2007 - ed.] is a non-profit public policy think-tank, with the following objectives: # Carry out in-depth study of developments relating to China with priority to issues of concern to India like * the Sino-Indian border problem. * China-Pakistan nexus. * Prospects of Sino-Indian economic and trade relations. * Future evolution of China's politics and its impact on India and the world. * China-India-ASEAN relations. * Scenarios on China's new found role in SAARC. * Growing importance of Southern India for Chinese interactions, investments etc. * India-China-Southeast Asia cultural links. # Offer workable solutions/ policy alternatives on the basis of studies, to the strategic planners and decision makers in India, on questions of bilateral, regional and global importance. [...]"

Site contents:
* About Us; * [Papers published online till 6 May 2007]: India-China Relations: Challenges And Opportunities April 28, 2007 by R.Swaminathan; India, Japan and China April 28, 2007 by B.Raman; Confusion Over Myanmar-China Gas Supply Talks April 16, 2007 by B.Raman; Chinese Quest for Soft Power April 15, 2007 by B.Raman; 2008 Olympics-in-China Security Threat Assessment April 13, 2007 by B.Raman; India's Foreign Policy: Emerging Trends in the 21st Century April 2, 2007 by R. Swaminathan; China's Oil Quest Across India's Cauvery Basin March 26, 2007 by B.Raman; Stock Market - The Chinese Puzzle March 14, 2007 by K.Subramanian; Sinology: Issues and Trends March 14, 2007 by Prof.S.Ramachandran; Gwadar, Hambantota and Sitwe: China's Strategic Triangle March 6, 2007 by B.Raman) * Team; * Projects (China's Border Disputes, A Comparative Study; India-China Border Trade Aspects; India-Myanmar-China Relations); * Events; * Links; * Search; Contact Us.

[CCCS works in close collaboration with the SAAG - South Asia Analysis Group (http://www.saag.org/) - ed.]

URL http://www.c3sindia.org

Internet Archive (web.archive.org) [the site was not archived at the time of this abstract]

(NOTE: For a number of years the SAAG site operated at its original "www.saag.org" address. In late Dec 2007 the original address was highjacked by some unknown operator(s) and thus the SAAG was forced to establish the "www.southasiaanalysis.org" address)

Link reported by: B.Raman (corde--at--vsnl.com)

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