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08 March 2007

Japan Focus: An Asia-Pacific Journal - Issue March 5, 2007


07 Mar 2007

japanfocus.org, Ithaca, NY, US

Supplied note:
"The following articles were posted on March 5, 2007 at Japan Focus.
* Alexis Dudden and Kozo MIZOGUCHI, Abe's Violent Denial: Japan's Prime Minister and the 'Comfort Women'
* William Underwood and Kang Jiang, Japan's Top Court Poised to Kill Lawsuits by Chinese War Victims
* Christian Caryl and Akiko KASHIWAGI, The Good Son Falters: Japan's Abe Regime in Decline
* Hisane MASAKI, The Great Japan-Mongolia Love Affair: What price the UN Security Council Seat?
* Denys Lombard, Another "Mediterranean" in Southeast Asia
* Christopher P. Hood, Bullets and Trains: Exporting Japan's Shinkansen to China and Taiwan
* Brenda Peterson, The Whale and the Cherry Blossom Festival
* Susan Orlean, Robert Lang and the Global Reach of Origami
Find them at http://japanfocus.org - ms."

Site contents:
* BROWSE ALL ARTICLES; * BROWSE BY REGION (Japan and the World, The United States, The Asia Pacific, East Asia, Southeast Asia, Southwest Asia, Middle East, Central Asia, South Asia, Russia, Europe, The Americas, Okinawa, Africa); * BROWSE BY ISSUES (Diplomacy and Security, The Military and Security, War and Peace, History, Politics and Ideology, Economics, Social Issues, Culture, Education, The Atomic Bomb, Atomic War, Hiroshima and Nagasaki); * SEARCH BY AUTHOR/TITLE/KEYWORD/DATE OF PUBLICATION

[Japan Focus is a refereed e-journal (est. 2003, ISSN 1557-4660) and archive on the Asia Pacific. In addition to Japan Focus exclusives, it provides translations from Japanese and other languages as well as reprints of important articles. Its website with more than 800 articles provides a permanent resource for students and researchers. The coordinators of Japan Focus are Andrew DeWit, Laura Hein, Gavan McCormack, David McNeill, Mark Selden, Yuki Tanaka and William Underwood. Contact Japan Focus by email at info--at--japanfocus.org - ed.]

URL http://japanfocus.org

Internet Archive http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://japanfocus.org

Link reported by: Mark Selden (ms44--at--cornell.edu)

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