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07 March 2007

CLIWOC: A climatological database for the world's oceans 1750-1854


06 Mar 2007

KNMI (Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute), De Bilt, Netherlands

A public-access database of georeferenced positions and meteorological data collected from over 280,000 historical observations in the logbooks of Spanish, Dutch and English sailing ships engaged in trade, war, and exploration voyages across the Pacific, Atlantic, and the Indian Ocean during from 1750 till 1854.

Site contents:
* CLIWOC project history;
* Metadata - CLIWOC Dutch individual ships position plots (Pre-1750 Ships: Africa (1677), Freden (1748-1749), Maarseveen (1662-1663), Wesel (1699), [...] 1750-1799 Ships: Admiraal de Ruyter, Africaensche Galey, Agatha, Akerendam, [...] 1800-1854 Ships: Abel Tasman, Adder, Admiraal Evertsen, Admiraal Jan Evertsen, [...]);
* Metadata - CLIWOC English individual ships position plots (Ships: Acasta Active(1), Active(2), Active(3), Adamant, Admiral Pocock, [...] Worcester, Yarmouth, York, Yorke);
* Metadata - CLIWOC Spanish individual ships position plots (Ships: Activo, El, Aguila, El, Aigle, Le, Aimable Marie Anne, L', Ambition, L', Amphitrite, L', Ana, Santa, [...], Vicente, San, Vicomte de Choiseuil, Le, Viviana, Zephir, Le)
* Metadata - CLIWOC ship positions maps and graphs (1750-1759, 1760-1769, 1770-1779, 1780-1789, 1790-1799, 1800-1809, 1810-1819, 1820-1829, 1830-1839, 1840-1850, 1750-1850 (b/w), 1750-1850 (colour));
* CLIWOC Meteorological data 1662-1855 (Wind observations - [for all 12 month of the year], Air Temperature (C) per 5x5 degrees [for all 12 month of the year & for the whole period];
* CLIWOC database: Release 1.1 (23 January 2004) and Release 1.5 (15 April 2004) [freely downloadable zipped file CLIWOC15.zip, 12.7 MB, Complete version in IMMA-format, period covers 1662-1855; contains 280,280 records, compatible with MS-DOS environment (each record ends with the combination CR/LF). Also available: Complete Database in Microsoft Access 2000 and Complete Database in Microsoft Access 97. - ed.];
* CLIWOC Publications/Literature/Media;
* Links (CLIWOC related links, VOC and EIC links: VOC Kennis Centrum, VOC-links, VOC-Glossarium, Bataviawerf (Batavia Yard), Tanap, VOC Site, De VOC. Scheepvaart tussen Nederland en Azie (1595-1795), Other links);

URL http://www.knmi.nl/cliwoc/index.htm

Internet Archive (www.archive.org) - http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://www.knmi.nl/cliwoc/index.htm

Link reported by: T. Matthew Ciolek (tmciolek--at--coombs.anu.edu.au)

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