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30 January 2007

Bibliography: [Western Early] Books on China in Vienna, Austria


25 Jan 2007

Institut of History, The University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria

Supplied note:
"The bibliography 'Books on China' aims to provide on-line information on the China-related holdings of Western-language books in major libraries at Vienna, Austria (Vienna University Library, Austrian National Library, Library of the Austrian State Archives). So far, about 3100 titles from the period 1477-1939 have been located in the various catalogues of these collections. Work on this bibliography is still in progress. - gl."

"Over centuries, Viennese libraries acquired - among many other treasures - rich materials on China: Dictionaries, early translations of Chinese classics, travelogues, maps, atlanti. The earliest examples for materials dealing with China date from the late 15th century (first printed edition of a German version of Marco Polo's account). Over four centuries - until the 1850s - Viennese libraries collected books on China (and on Asia in general), in a variety of languages. The existence of these treasures in Vienna is widely unknown to the scientific community. This project intends to list all China-related holdings of printed books (published up to 1939) held in the Oesterreichische Nationalbibliothek (Austrian National Library), the Universitaetsbibliothek Wien (Vienna University Library; including the main library and the holdings of the various department libraries as well), and the Library of the Austrian State Archives. All copies existing in the holdings of these libraries [... are] included in this bibliography."

Site contents:
* Books published until 1500 (A-Z  N.N.); * 1501-1600 (A-E   F-J   K-O   P-T   U-Z   N.N.); * 1601-1700 (A-E   F-J   K-O   P-T   U-Z   N.N.); * 1701-1800 (A-E   F-J   K-O   P-T   U-Z   N.N.); * 1801-1900 (A-E   F-J   K-O   P-T   U-Z   N.N.); * 1901-1939 (A-E   F-J   K-O   P-T   U-Z   N.N.); * Documentation; * News.

This preliminary version of the bibliography gives titles in plain lists, sorted by names of authors/editors. In case no author/editor was given, books can be found under "N.N."

Extract: "Books 1501-1600 A-E
* Giovanni Lorenzo d'Anania: L'vniversale fabrica del mondo. (Venetia: 1576)
* Lodovico Arrivabene: Il magno Vitei [...] primo Re della China e del valoroso Iolao, si ha nella persona di Ezonlom, von ritratto di ottimo Prencipe, & di Capitano perfetto. Appresso si acquista notitia di molti paesi, di varij costumi di popoli, di animali, si d terra, & si de acqua, di alberi, di frutti, & di simiglanti cose moltissimo (Verona: Discepolo 1597)
* Joao de Barros: Asia .. dos fectos que os Portugueses fizeram no descobrimento e conquista dos mares e terras do Oriente (Lisboa: Germao Galharde 1552)
* Joao de Barros: L'Asia (Venetia: Vinc. Valgrisio 1562);
* Giovanni Botero: Theatrum oder Schawspiegel, Darinn alle Fuersten der Welt, so Kraeffte und Reichthumb halben namhafft sind, vorgestellt werden etc. in vier Theil etc. (Coelln: Lambertus Andree 1596) [...]."

URL http://www.univie.ac.at/Geschichte/China-Bibliographie

Internet Archive http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://www.univie.ac.at/Geschichte/China-Bibliographie

Link reported by: Georg Lehner (georg.lehner--at--univie.ac.at),
forwarded by h-net list for asian history and culture (h-asia--at--h-net.msu.edu)

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