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21 February 2007

Asian Legal Information Institute (AsianLII)


21 Feb 2007

Faculty of Law, University of Technology, Sydney, Australia.

Self description:
"The Asian Legal Information Institute (AsianLII - www.asianlii.org) is a non-profit and free access website for legal information from all 27 countries and territories in Asia located from Japan in the east to Pakistan in the west, and from Mongolia in the north to Timor Leste in the south. Access to AsianLII is free. AsianLII was launched for free public access on 8 December 2006 in Sydney. Launches in a number of Asian countries will take place, beginning with the Philippines in January 2007.
Facilities AsianLII provides for searching and browsing databases of legislation, case-law, law reform reports, law journals and other legal information, where available, from each country in the region. At launch it will provide access to nearly 100 databases drawn from almost all 27 Asian countries. Over 140,000 cases from at least 15 countries, and over 15,000 pieces of legislation from at least 18 countries will be searchable. All databases can be searched simultaneously, or searches can be limited to one country's databases or other combinations. Search results can be ordered by relevance, by date, or by database. For every country, AsianLII contains an extensive Catalog of law-related websites for that country (parts of the largest law catalog on the Internet), and a 'Law on Google' facility assisting users to search Google only for legal materials from that country."

Site contents:
104 databases from 27 Asian countries and territories [Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), Bangladesh, Brunei, Cambodia, China, East Timor, Hong Kong, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea (North), Korea (South), Lao PDR, Macau, China, Malaysia, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Viet Nam - ed.] via the Free Access to Law Movement.

News & Database Additions (Last updated 21 February 2007) * Tribunal da Segunda Instancia de Macau (Tribunal of Final Appeal of Macau) 2000-; * Tribunal da Segunda Instancia de Macau (Tribunal of Second Appeal of Macau) 2002-; * AsianLII Philippine launch photos 10 January 2007 * AsianLII Sydney launch photos 8 December 2006 * Introduction to AsianLII; * User Guide to AsianLII; * Arellano Law and Policy Review 2003-; * Constitutional Court of the Kingdom of Thailand Decisions 1998-; * ASEAN Agreements and Declarations; * Executive Orders of the Philippines; * Constitutional Court of Indonesia; * Supreme Court of the Philippines Decisions 1901-; * Laws of Macau; * Supreme Court of Korea 2000-;
* Past additions (Updated: 19 January 2007 Laws of Vietnam; Thai Legislation; Intellectual Property Office of Singapore Decisions 1999-);
* Past additions (Updated: 7 December 2006 Proclamations of the Philippines; Laws of Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea); Ritsumeikan Law Review 2004-; Memorandum Orders of the Philippines; Constitutional Court of Korea; Mga Batas Pambansa of the Philippines; Commonwealth Acts of the Philippines; Acts of the Philippines; Delhi District Court Decisions 2003-; High Court of Bombay at Goa Decisions 2002-; Jammu and Kashmir High Court Decisions 2005-; Presidential Decrees of the Philippines; Republic Acts of the Philippines; Decree-Laws of the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste; Government Decrees of the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste; Special Panel for Serious Crimes - Timor Leste Cases 2001-; Indonesian Legislation (Undan g-Undang); Indonesian Regulations (Perat uran Pemerintah); District Court of Singapore Decisions 2006-; Magistrates' Court of Sing apore Decisions 2006-; Attorney-General's Chambers of Singapore - Law Reform & Revision Division; Law and Justice Commission of Pakistan Publications);
* [Asian] Law Journals; * [Asian] Law Reform.

URL http://www.asianlii.org/

Internet Archive (www.archive.org) [the site was not archived at the time of this abstract]

Link reported by: Francesca Beddie (fbeddie--at--ozemail.com.au),
forwarded by asian-currents--at--anu.edu.au

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