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19 February 2007

Asian Migrants in Greece: Origins, Status and Prospects


18 Feb 2007

Asian Migrants in Greece: Origins, Status and Prospects

Asia Unit, Institute for International Economic Relations (IIER), Athens, Greece

Supplied note:
"Dear Sir, Let me tell you of a recent report on Asian migrants in Greece that we have recently finished at the Institute of International Economic Relations (IIER) in Athens, Grrece. Thought it might be of interest to your audience. The Executive Summary of the report in English is available at: [the URL below] Best wishes, Plamen Tonchev, Head of Asia Unit, IIER, Athens, Greece."

"Asia Unit, January 2007, Asian Migrants in Greece: Origins, Status and Prospects, Plamen Tonchev (ed.), Research team: Maria Markoutsoglou Mantha Kassou Athanasios Moshovos Yiorgos Ptohos Available in Greek at: www.idec.gr/iier/new/asian_migrants_gr.pdf

1. Executive Summary 1.1. Key findings 1.2. Key recommendations 2. Rationale and Methodology 2.1. Expediency of the survey 2.2. Definition of 'Asian migrants' 2.3. Sources 2.4. Challenges during the survey 3. On the way to Greece 3.1. Share of Asia in global migration 3.2. Push factors 3.3. Pull factors 3.4. Migration routes and transportation costs 3.5. Entering Greece 4. Status of Asian migrants in Greece 4.1. Historical evolution of migration from Asia to Greece 4.2. Legal status of Asian migrants 4.3. Size of the Asian communities 4.4. Economic profile of Asian migrants 4.5. Social profile of Asian migrants 4.6. Structure of Asian communities 4.7. Social standing of Asian migrants 5. Conclusions 5.1. On the way to Greece 5.2. Emergence and profile of Asian communities in Greece 5.3. Social integration prospects of Asian migrants 6. Recommendations 6.1. To the Greek authorities 6.2. To the EU 7. References 7.1. Greek sources 7.2. Foreign sources 8. Annexes 8.1. World population and the share of Asia 8.2. Entry of Asian migrants into Greece 8.3. Status of Asian asylum-seekers in Greece 8.4. Asian communities in Greece 8.5. Economic and social profile of Asian migrants in Greece."

URL http://www.idec.gr/iier/new/asian_migrants_en.pdf

Internet Archive (www.archive.org) [the site was not archived at the time of this abstract]

Link reported by: Plamen Tonchev (plamengo--at--hol.gr)

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