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26 February 2007

Cultural relations between China and the West (1245-2000): a biographic & bibliographic database



Ostasiatisches Seminar (OAS), University of Zurich, Switzerland

Supplied note:
"Perhaps you are interested in my database on cultural relations between China and the West: [see the URL below] [...] At the moment I am working on the history of sinology, which is essentially also a history of sinologists. I have covered sinology in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands and France. I [also began] to enter the available data on the sinology of Great Britain, the United States, Canada and Australia and I began with German literature (I have covered Goethe, Schiller, Hesse, Heine, Doeblin and Klabund and naw I'm working on Brecht). [...] - amw."

"'Cultural relations between China and the West'
This database project is dedicated to the cultural relations between China and the West (1245-2000). It links systematically collected and scientifically validated biographic and bibliographic information. The main items are chronology and names, which are indexed and searchable. The entries are currently classified according to the following subject fields.The subject fields currently comprise the following: history, religion, history of missions, travel and legation accounts, history of medias, geography, history of universities, sinology, literature, philosophy, art, and science.

The database is funded by the University of Zurich; access is free.
Search results may be analysed online, it is possible to navigate within them, and they can be saved as PDF report for further processing. Should material from the database be used in publications, we welcome a corresponding source reference.

Accessing the database:
[...] Scientists may apply for a personal account (see below). A personal account allows collecting reports during a session (maximum for 24 hours). Additional personalization features are planned. Use of the database is supported by Online-Help [presently available in German only. English version is planned. - ed.].

This project is chiefly administered by our scientific librarian, Mrs Anne-Marie Werner. [...]"

URL http://idoasdb.unizh.ch/oas/

Internet Archive (www.archive.org) - the site was not archived at the time of this abstract - ed.]

Link reported by: Anne-Marie Werner (biblio1--at--oas.unizh.ch)

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